Clean out those closets — Nov 1 is equipment amnesty day

Clean out those closets — Nov 1 is equipment amnesty day

Is there a surplus of durable medical equipment (DME) on your unit? Equipment like IV, PCA or epidural pumps, SCD machines and wheelchairs have a way of becoming tucked away closets, cabinets, hallways or patient rooms.

It’s time to clean house. Friday, Nov. 1, is DME Amnesty Day!

Please gather extra DME, clean it with the appropriate germicidal wipes, and place it in your department’s designated clean supply area. Wheelchairs should be cleaned with the appropriate germicidal wipes and placed in your department’s designated wheelchair storage areas.

If a piece of equipment is not working, enter a Biomed work order and attach a printed copy to the clean piece of equipment.  Biomed staff will retrieve the broken equipment from the designated clean supply areas on each floor.

Finish off by straightening up your clean supply areas by removing any garbage and eliminating clutter. It’ll feel great, we promise! And at the end of the day, all DME, including wheelchairs, will be clean and stored in the appropriate locations, making them easy to find in less time.

For questions contact Clint Welch at x5181 or

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