Cheryl Briggs, RN, shares inspiration from Magnet Conference

Cheryl Briggs, RN, shares inspiration from Magnet Conference

What a privilege to be amongst the 7,000 plus attendees at the Magnet Conference. Here’s what I brought back.

I learned that we must not only provide the best care to our patients, we also must provide the best care to each other. AAMC must continue to develop as an organization where staff are content with their jobs—and also excited about them, gaining a sense of personal fulfillment through their employment.  

As we strive for excellence in our staff, it will manifest itself in the care we give to our patients. Part of the Magnet process is developing each employee to reach their potential. At AAMC, we are VERY privileged to have many professional advancement opportunities. If you are not getting a sense of fulfillment from your job, consider taking a personal inventory of what changes you need to make to achieve your potential.

Achieving Magnet status is not just about the receiving the designation, it is about the journey we are on to reach that destination. It’s both an individual and an institutional journey. 

The word Magnet was chosen for the analogy of “attracting” quality nurses to an institution. Here at AAMC, we are pretty attractive, don’t you think? Share it with others!  –Cheryl Briggs, RN

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