Celebrating Year 1 as nurses at AAMC! See what their colleagues have to say about these amazing new grads.

Celebrating Year 1 as nurses at AAMC! See what their colleagues have to say about these amazing new grads.

Recently, we celebrated the graduation of our Feb 2012 cohort of new grads from our Nursing Graduate Internship, a year-long program that supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management—and are well on their way to becoming seasoned AAMC nurses.

Congratulations to these no-longer-new-grads!

Feb 2012 New Grad Graduation-Group picture
(Back row) Margaret Fordham, Tara DuBois, Megan Zahnow, Lindsey Oakley, Katherine Lang, Katie Lidard, Marla Feurer, Amanda Bird, Elizabeth Klocko. (Front row) Katherine Smith, Michelle Luckett, Marjorie Lominy, Catherine Ampagoomian, Lindsey Meesiri, Jennifer Zamora, Casey Boyle-Main. Not pictured are Julia Blomquist, Nicole Edwards, Kimberly Gagne and Kristin Seibert.

 It is clear that many of these new grads have already made a huge impact on their patients, units, and coworkers. Read the kind words from their co-workers here:

Catherine Ampagoomian (NICU) – Catherine is always seeking out new learning opportunities. She is flexible and a real team player. Catherine has risen to the challenge of caring for higher acuity babies.  She has joined the hospital wide Research Council. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow over the past year.

Elizabeth Klocko (NICU) – Libby continues to challenge herself clinically. She very quickly became independent and has a great attitude. She takes admissions and is even able to help her co-workers when they need assistance.

Amanda Bird (JSU) – Amanda easily transitioned to the role of a nurse on the unit. She has had excellent critical thinking skills from the start. Amanda is attentive to her patients and families and always remains calm, cool and collected. She has been a wonderful asset to the Joint & Spine Center.

Katie Lidard (ED) – Katie brought remarkable enthusiasm and spark to her new role as a new ED RN. She was always professional, studied hard and was ready to accept new challenges without hesitation. Even early on she was ready and willing to take on additional responsibilities and lead the tour through the ED for the next cohort of new graduate nurses. She has developed a great rapport with her nurse and provider colleagues and is a valuable addition to the ED.

S. Michelle Luckett (ED) – Michelle came to us with a passion for patient care. She has a tremendous eye for detail and consistently strives to excel at meeting all standards of patient care. She is compassionate and a great critical thinker. She is a great addition to the ED team.

Jennifer Zamora (ED) – Jennifer came to us with a wealth of experience in trauma/resuscitation. Even though she was a new grad, she already had the poise of an experienced RN in situations of high acuity. This is usually where most new nurses have the most angst but not Jenn – she shined in these situations. She has proven to be highly valued and very well liked addition to the ED!

Casey Boyle-Main (6South) – Casey is a bright and energetic addition to the 6 South Unit. She is our Professional Nurse Council representative and attends our Unit Based Quality Council. Even though she is one of our newest nurses, other staff comes to Casey for help! Casey is growing into an excellent nurse, she is gaining confidence in her skills and actually she has been teaching new skills to fellow nurses. We often refer to her as “AAMC’s best new grad”. She has become a great asset to our team.  

Tara DuBois (ONC) – Tara is an extraordinary nurse. She is a hardworking mother of three, who is energetic, funny, organized, and open-minded. She is always willing to trial new initiatives. In fact, her new grad EB project was a cancer pain initiative. (We want to commend Tara and Megan because their cancer pain initiate poster has been accepted for the Oncology Nursing Society National Congress in April.) Tara has accomplished much in her first year and we are very proud to have her on our team!

Megan Zahnow (ONC) – Megan is an amazing, compassionate nurse. She cares for both her patients and her coworkers. She is a leader on night shift and already a relief charge nurse. Although she has been busy planning a wedding, she has a poster accepted in the Oncology Nursing Society National Congress in April with her fellow new grad Tara. We are so happy to have Megan with us on Oncology.

Lindsey Meesiri ( M/B) – Lindsey has been rock solid as a new grad! She had a very successful transition from PCTII to RN and has been an extremely dependable member of our night shift team. Lindsey is a steady-as-she goes kind of nurse, but delivering nursing care in a kind, intelligent and efficient manner. Lindsey is now ready to pursue her goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. With her persistence and determination, we know Lindsey will be successful.

Marla Feurer (MSU) – If you ever wander up to the 6th floor in the middle of the night and see a bright glow… well, that would be Marla’s sunny smile! Marla has been a wonderful asset to MSU not just because of the great care she gives her patient’s and the way she always jumps in to help her colleagues, but the joy she brings every night when she comes to work. Marla loves being a nurse on MSU so much she has already had a friend do a shadow day! She was a trainer for a large corporation in a past life so it’s no wonder her future plans include returning to nursing school and maybe being an educator. With her passion for nursing we know she will go far!

Marjorie Lominy (SCU) – From a PCT to an RN… it’s been a long road but she made it! Marjorie has grown into her role as a Special Care Nurse over the past year and has blossomed into a caring and hard working part of the Special Care family. She can always be heard coaxing her patients to try a little harder to get better when they become discouraged or take that extra step to make them more comfortable. We are glad to have Marjorie as part of the SCU team!

Lindsey Oakley (MSU) – Comments from her coworkers: Pleasant to work with, friendly, sweet, always keeps a calm demeanor even when things are hectic, always jumps in to help, takes excellent care of her patients, always smiling, and has a great attitude.

Margaret Fordham (L&D) – Margaret (better known as Anne) was new to us when she came to L&D for orientation. Having worked for Annapolis OB, she was familiar with some of our patients and doctors. As a new grad communication with the healthcare team can be a challenge. Since Ann had worked with doctors she was very at ease when she called to report changes or request new orders. Anne’s background with Annapolis OB has helped her to become a great advocate for her patients. We are glad she chose to come and work on L&D. 

Kristin Seibert (L&D) – Kristen started out as a tech on our unit. We hate to see a good tech go, but when they are changing roles to a nurse it then becomes a happy transition. Kristen was a fast learner and gained independence quickly. Her background in teaching was evident when she explained procedures and the birth process to her patients. The patients were easily won over by her kind and thoughtful manner. It has been great to have her on our team.

Katherine Lang (WSU) – Katie is an outstanding new grad! She has excelled on the Women’s Surgical Unit where she was once a tech. Katie is an active and engaged member of the unit and has provided several ideas for improving our processes. Katie is preparing to pursue her Master’s Degree and plans to begin working towards becoming a nurse practitioner in the fall. Katie will be a fabulous nurse practitioner, but until then, we’re very happy to have her as a very important part of the WSU team.

Katherine Smith (HVU) – Kathy is an outstanding addition to HVU. The staff and patients just love her! She has truly grown over this past year. Kathy uses excellent critical thinking skills and is always looking to provide the best care to her patients. It is a pleasure to have her as a member of our team.

Julie Blomquist (ED) – Julie was brand new to the ED environment and adapted readily! She had great critical thinking skills and always was searching for the correct rationale to patient interventions. She is quickly able to take care of the diverse patient population inherent to the ED. She provides compassionate and a great care and truly cares for her patients. We are glad she is a part of our ED team!

Nicole Edwards (M/B) – Nicole has been a fabulous new grad! She very quickly made the adjustment from PCT II to RN and is an extremely valuable member of our team. She is already our go-to girl for starting IVs since during her experience as a veterinary tech she learned to find veins on large furry creatures! Nicole has a keen sense of adventure and is always seeking new opportunities – in life and at work. She is already working towards her BSN and is eager to orient to other units.

Kimberly Gagne(NCU) – Kim has made a great transition to an RN on the NCU. She is quiet, yet full of enthusiasm and energy and brings these qualities to the bedside with her patients. Throughout her orientation, Kim expressed the desire to get involved in the unit activities and is now our representative on the fall committee; she investigates all unit falls and assists with the creation of the unit fall reduction plans. Kim is a great addition to the NCU team!


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