Celebrating Patient Satisfaction with poetry (you’ve got to read this!)

Celebrating Patient Satisfaction with poetry (you’ve got to read this!)

This month, the Medical Surgical Unit (MSU) was delighted to receive the “Greatest Strides in Service Excellence” banner. MSU’s patient satisfaction scores increased 22% from the second to third quarter – they have actually exceeded their goals in this category!

To celebrate, Stephanie Barlow, RN, a member of the MSU Patient Satisfaction Committee, created a board to display the results on the unit. As a dog lover, Stephanie stated it perfectly “Patient Satisfaction on MSU is Dog-Gone Fantastic.”

Upon the acceptance of the banner, Mary Cohn, MSN, RN, clinical educator for MSU/SCU, shared this adorable and original Dr. Seuss-inspired poem:   Med-Surg

At the far edge of town
Six floors from the street
You will find yourself in a place
Where the staff is really neat.
They have brains in their heads
And feet in their shoes
And care in their hearts
In all the things that they do.
The nurses and techs
Work hard every day
To keep patients safe
And happy in every way.
These are the things
Last year that we tried
To improve what we do
So “Hoorah” we could cry!
How is your pain?
Oh, number nine you say?
Let me reposition you
And get meds right away!
You have a foley?
Hmmm, do you really?
Let’s take it out
So you can go freely!
We are here in your room
And not just to chatter
But to review your condition
And all things that matter!
So congratulations MSU
Today is your day
And like Dr. Seuss himself would say:
“Unless someone like you cares
A whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.” 

And a big congratulations to the other teams who earned sensational patient and peer experience results in the third quarter of FY’12:

Highest Inpatient Service Excellence: Joint Center
Highest Outpatient Service Excellence: Edwards Surgical Pavilion
Highest Support Service Excellence: Doordan Institute

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