Celebrating our Excellence Award winners and scholarship recipients

Celebrating our Excellence Award winners and scholarship recipients

Happy Nurses Week to all! Excellence Award winners and scholarship recipients were announced at the Nurses Dinner tonight. Post your congrats here!

Excellence Award Winners 2014                                              

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements: Hospital Pavilion Post Anesthesia Care Unit   

The Richard & Janet Davidson Nursing Award Extraordinary Advances in Patient- and Family-Centered Care: The DeCesaris Cancer Institute                                                               

Outpatient and Pathways Technician/Technologist: Lisa Luna-Martinez (Pathways)

Hospital Pavilion Technician/Technologist: Kathleen Eskew (Joint and Spine)                      

Clatanoff Technician/Technologist: Pamela Schwartz (Pediatrics)              

Surgical Services Technicians/Technologist: Linda Daniels (Edwards Surgical Pavilion)                                       

Structural Empowerment – Preceptor Role: Janet Henery (AskAAMC)                                                    

Structural Empowerment – Mentor Role: Ann Barnes (PAT)                                                    

Structural Empowerment – Educator Role: Lisa Laking (NICU)                                                      

Transformational Leadership – Manager/Director: Pamela Hinshaw (Care Management)                 

Transformational Leadership – Charge Nurse Role: Stephanie Taylor (Medical Surgical Unit)

Medical Staff Award: Bob O’Bryhim

Physician Colleague Award: Dr. Kanak Patel

Clinical Colleague Excellence Award: Amy Hilliard (Planning and Decision Support)

Exemplary Professional Practice

ACE – Jaclyn Palumbo                    

Interventional Radiology – Concetta White

Procedural Care Unit – Christine Utley   

Pathways – Kimberly Quigley                     

Pediatrics – Allison Gray                

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Catherine Rovaldi

Medical Surgical – Florence Velenza                        

Special Care – Kristie Reed                                           

Emergency Department – Wendy Easterling

Outpatient Radiation Oncology – Cheryl Jones

Vascular Access Department – Silvia Faria

Wound Center – Laura Alberico-Klug                      

Heart & Vascular – Brandy Brown             

Neuro Care – Kimberly Parkinson             

Joint & Spine – Mary Perzanowski                            

General Surgical – Kelly Johnson                               

Short Stay – Erin Laflamme                          

Post Anesthesia Care Unit – Norma Davis                       

Prep/PAT- Barbara Hagan                           

Mother/Baby – Dawn Souris                       

Critical Care –  Mimsy Yost                           

Observation – Rebecca Derr                                       

AskAAMC – Christine Gates                        

Diabetes Center – Patricia Barnett

Flex – Maria Moody

Outpatient Infusion – Julia Buckel

Labor & Delivery – Carrie Jackson

Neonatal Intensive Care – Mary White 

Edwards Surgical Preop/PACU – Gale Schreiber

Edwards Surgical Operating Room – Shonda Stewart

Care Management – Joan Sadler 

Women’s Surgical – Katherine Lang

Oncology – Jennifer Boeck

Cardiac Cath Lab – Mary Ann Derdock                    

Hyperbaric Center – Joan Twigg                                                                                                                

Rookie of the Year:                                        

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Jessica Rindos

Special Care – Kasey Rimpf                                          

Heart & Vascular – Lauren Armiger 

Neuro Care – Arthur Lingad         

General Surgical – Rebecca Burnett                                         

Neonatal Intensive Care – Rachel Crosby                                              

Oncology – Nalynn Holland

ACE – Kristen Zuger

Pediatrics – Stephanie Lusby

Mother/Baby – Erika Kenny

Emergency Department – Erin Taynor

PACU – Andrea Williams                               

Observation – Christopher Thorpe           

Nursing Scholarships

George and Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship – Jaclyn Palumbo                                                               

Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund – Shawn Gallagher

Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund – Kathy Wise

Shirley A. Wheeler Nursing Scholarship – Rebecca Burnett

AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship – Kelly Hunt                                                                                     

John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship – Maria Moody                                                                                      

Sheehy Nursing Scholarship – Myisha Davis                                                                                                         

Shelley Alion and Robert Welch Nursing Scholarship – Sherri Nash                                                                

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Toni Hawkins                  

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Sharolyn Bush                   

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Gena Kosmides                   

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Kimberly Moulden                   

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Kondi Walters-Smith                   

Balfe Clifford NursingScholarship – Matthew Baden                                                                                          

Izzo & Patane Nursing Scholarship – Barbara Buckley                                                                                      

The Gordon & Jean Wells Nursing Scholarship – Christina Hall

Blanche Taylor Scholarship – Denise Lyons

Grow A Nurse – Cheryle Holme

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