Catch those UTIs! MSU leaps into action!

Catch those UTIs! MSU leaps into action!

LEAPFROGThe ON THE CUSP (Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program): STOP CAUTI (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection) national initiative, strives to eliminate CAUTIs in Maryland. The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA), the Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC) and the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care are providing consultation and coaching for Maryland hospitals that are participating in this important collaborative.

MSU was asked to join the collaborative and lead the way for AAMC to meet this important patient safety goal. Using evidence-based practice and a Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program, MSU has partnered with our Infection Control team, to meet that goal of zero CAUTI!

Starting in November of 2011, MSU joined the MHA’s “On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI program.” Our unit goal was to reduce the number of CAUTI by 25%, with the ultimate goal of zero CAUTI, and to reduce the number of Foley days by 25%. In collaboration with our Infection Control practitioners, we have made excellent progress. Our nursing staff and PCT II partners in care are thinking about catheters in a different way.

How was this accomplished?

Members of the MSU CAUTI Team, Mary Cohn, Educator, Lauren Stylc RNI, Stephanie Taylor RNII, and Rachel Turner RNII, rounded on the unit 5 days a week, for over a month, talking to nurses about urinary catheters. They discussed whether or not the patient had a Foley, if there was an appropriate indication, and if there was opportunity to remove the indwelling catheter. Geographical Rounding with our physician partners and clinical support staff created an opportunity for the team to address Foleys on a daily basis. We met monthly with our Infection Control partners, Ann Van Waes, RN, Penny Kennedy, Infection Control Practitioner and Beth Rowse, RN, to review trends, discuss goals and celebrate our success.

As you can see below our success has been remarkable. Our goal is to maintain the gain, keeping a zero CAUTI rate and continuing to reduce the number of Foley days. We have just received the data for August and we are still at zero!


Click here and select the CAUTI video and watch the MSU staff in action!

-Christine Frost, RN


  1. Posted by Cathaleen Ley, at Reply

    Wonderful example of a nursing led quality initiative. Great job and you have the data to show it!

  2. Posted by Anne Van Waes, at Reply

    Congratulations to the remarkable MSU team- we are so very proud of your accomplishments!
    I would also like to recognize the ED Task Force, who has been steadily working to reduce the number of Foley catheters inserted in the ED. A one-year baseline indicated that 25% of patients admitted through the ED had a Foley catheter inserted. With the work of the task force to scrutinize over every catheter placed and ensuring there is an order for insertion, the rate of insertion has been steadily dropping. As of July, only 11% of patients admitted through the ED are getting Foley catheters, yielding a 44% reduction of catheters–a cost reduction from an average of $3448 to $2283 monthly. Keep up the good work!

  3. Posted by Mary Cohn, at Reply

    I am so proud of the way the staff took this project on and made it a success not just for MSU but for our patients!This is truly an example of how nurses and PCTs can make a difference just by changing their way of thinking and then acting upon it. We have such a great team!Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Posted by Beth Rowse, at Reply

    The MSU Cauti Cusp Team truly are “Stars” leading the way in the prevention of UTI’s at AAMC!

  5. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    This has been a very succesful nurse and PCT led project. Our team has come together and really made this a priority on our unit. These results are very exciting and we were proud to present them at the MHA. We also really appreciate the support of our Infection Control partners-thier expertise is very valauble and they are great to work with!

  6. Posted by Ann Marie Pessagno, at Reply

    Remarkable story of owning an issue and executing actions to make sustainable improvements. Way to go MSU team!

  7. Posted by Kelly Swan, at Reply

    Congratulations, that’s awesome!!

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