Cancer at 41. Family writes, Nurse Navigator Amy Vance is our “life jacket.”

Cancer at 41. Family writes, Nurse Navigator Amy Vance is our “life jacket.”

An actual patient letter expressing a family’s thanks to a special group of people, the AAMC Breast Center and Nurse Navigator Amy Vance, RN. 

I am writing to you today because I want to share my experience with the Breast Center. My wife was diagnosed in Easton and was immediately referred to AAMC. Our situation went from a lump to an MRI to a PET scan and finally a diagnosis of  Stage 4 Breast Cancer at age 41. We were a bit overwhelmed. When we finally made it to AAMC, we went to the Breast Center and finally had hope.

Our nurse navigator is Amy Vance. I cannot describe to you what Amy has done for us, meant to us, given to us, helped us…there are no words to accurately portray how special she is. My wife has literally called her at all hours with questions and concerns and fears and Amy has made it possible to get through this.

Doctor LIang has been great. We have done well with AAMC. We are glad to travel across the bridge to get there…because of Amy Vance.

Nurse Navigator is an understatement. Nurse Life Jacket is probably better. We truly felt like we were drowning in medical terms and diagnosis’ and confusion and this person is able to help keep us positive and focused on what needed to be done.

I am sure that the other Navigators are equally special but I want you to know how much we deeply appreciate what Amy Vance has given us. Your Breast Center is what it is because of Nurse Navigators and Amy Vance.


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