“Challenges of Cultural Diversity Discussed at Grand Rounds” by Jazmin Manlapaz, RN

“Challenges of Cultural Diversity Discussed at Grand Rounds” by Jazmin Manlapaz, RN

Members of the Cultural Diversity & Workplace Advocacy initiative

Last week, the Cultural Diversity & Workplace Advocacy initiative presented Nursing Grand Rounds, United by Diversity:  Connected through Culturally Competent Care. The keynote speaker, Sabita Persaud, PhD, RN, CRNP, of Bowie State University gave an overview of nurse-patient communication and how it is often influenced by cultural values, attitudes and beliefs.

Next, the panel was introduced, including previous AAMC patients and family members who were able to share their experiences at AAMC. Also participating was Natalie Shumard, AAMC interpreter; Kathy Whittaker, Patient Advocacy representative; Lisa Baers, Arundel Lodge Resident Advocate; and Barbara Buchlietner, Department of Aging representative.

Members of the Cultural Diversity team then role played two different scenarios, demonstrating how health care professionals sometimes make erroneous assumptions about culturally diverse patients based on their own experiences and current knowledge base. Dr. Persaud and panelists offered practical ways to address our cultural differences and improve our care delivery to all our patients. The take home messages were: 

  • we must focus on seeing each person as an individual;
  • asking the right questions will help us to better understand the unique needs of each patient.

Congratulations to Sherri Morgan-Johnson, MHSA, RN and Shirley Faison-Everette, RN, initiative co-chairs, and the Cultural Diversity team for a job well done.      

Thanks to Tori Bayless, President and Chief Operating Officer and Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, Chief Nurse Executive, for the way they have advocated and supported cultural diversity at AAMC. Thank you, also, to the AAMC staff who supported this event. More Grand Rounds photos are below.

There is more to come! Please mark your calendar for the Cultural Diversity Festival, to be held on Wednesday, June 16 from 11:00-1:00 p.m. in the Rotary Room.  


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