“Bravo” to Stephanie Ordakowski, RN, says patient

“Bravo” to Stephanie Ordakowski, RN, says patient

Here, a letter sent in by a patient of Stephanie Ordakowski, RN (JSU) thanking her for her amazing nursing care. Way to go, Stephanie!

Recently, I had the privilege of being cared for by a special nurse, Stephanie Ordakowski (a.k.a. Cricket).

Having lived with pain for months, I almost took it in stride and ignored the blitz that was to come. However, without pain medication from 9:30 a.m. that day, I had a pain meltdown. Stephanie came in, whisked me to bed and, to the minute, made certain that I was provided with a pain-free night. Aside from the many comforts provided me, she advised me on pain management when at home.

I am a diploma school nursing graduate from Church Home and Hospital in Baltimore and am continually amazed at the changes in the profession. In the midst of this new era of nurses pushing computers around at breakneck speed, Stephanie exhibited patient care skills I thought lost. Stephanie represents to me a woman who loves and truly responds to her calling. Bravo to her and to those who trained her. I shall never forget her and the loving way that she took care of me. I hope that you will acknowledge her efforts.

Thank you, Stephanie, and bless you!


  1. Posted by lil Bnachero, at Reply

    This is wonderful Cricket..I know this is what you do everyday with every patient..that’s what makes you so special!!

  2. Posted by Cheryl Kinser, at Reply

    You are AMAZING Cricket. You make everyone feel special. It’s a light inside you that shines outside.

  3. Posted by Stephanie, at Reply

    Thank you Sherry! I truly believe something magical happens when I walk through that curtain into a patient’s room. Something makes me imagine that the patient it my mom or dad, so I want him or her to be loved. I also know that I could be in an accident at any moment- and could be on a hospital bed tomorrow… That motivates me to treat my patients as I would want.
    There I definitely, however, magic in nursing.

    Thank you again,

  4. Posted by Kristina Andersen, at Reply

    Steph- you really are AMAZING!!!! I don’t know where JSC would be without you…keep up the fantastic care!!!!

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