Boosting Benefits for Weekend Alternative Staff

Boosting Benefits for Weekend Alternative Staff

 “How many holidays am I required to work?” “Do some units let their nurses take off two weeks during the summer?” “Why is it my turn to float?”

These are just some of the tough questions the Staffing & Scheduling committee—part of AAMC’s Nursing Strategic Planning team—has struggled to address over the last two years. Much of their work has revolved around identifying staffing and scheduling practices already in place in individual units, with the ultimate goal of a streamlined hospital policy, consistent throughout the house.

WEA staff, what will you do with your extra CLB?

While policy changes related to the questions above will be announced in upcoming months (stay tuned!), the committee would like to boast about their first big success—an increase in the combined leave benefits (CLB) accrual rate for Weekend Alternative (WEA) employees.    

A few months ago, it was brought to the attention of the Staffing & Scheduling committee that WEA staff were accruing only 2.77 hours of CLB each pay period. The math whizzes in the group quickly determined these hours were not enough to cover the eight days off WEA staff are allotted each year. This violated the hospital’s policy of “no leave without pay” and had become a huge dissatisfier for the staff—the Staffing & Scheduling team knew a change needed to be made.

By collaborating with all the departments who participate in the WEA program—lab, pharmacy, radiology, EVS, respiratory, and nursing—the Staffing & Scheduling committee was able to make recommendations to Human Resources regarding an increase in CLB for WEA staff. 

Thanks to the Staffing & Scheduling committee and our HR team, including Nancy Luttrell and Sharon Borland, WEA staff now earn 3.70 hours of CLB each pay period—enough to take their time off without emptying their wallets.

-Kristina Anderson, BSN, RN, ONC 

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    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for looking out for WEA employees. It is very much appreciated!

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