Bob O’Bryhim, RN, honored with DAISY Award

Bob O’Bryhim, RN, honored with DAISY Award


(left to right) Sherry Perkins, Bob O'Bryhim and Aimee Yu celebrate Bob's DAISY Award.

Congratulations to Bob O’Bryhim, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient.

The DAISY Award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses — honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide to their patients every day.

As per AAMC tradition, Bob was surprised by a crowd of colleagues and friends who secretly assembled into a daisy-decorated conference room to pull off this big surprise.

Sherry B. Perkins, AAMC’s Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, extended her congratulations and awarded Bob with a DAISY plaque. He also received a DAISY pin from physician colleague Aimee Yu and a DAISY figurine from his nominator Melissa McCullum, RN.

 Here is an excerpt from Melissa’s nomination letter:

Bob has been an employee of AAMC and Critical Care in excess of 15 years. He delivers exceptional care to his patients on a daily basis with his expert critical care knowledge and compassionate caring. We would like to share a special story written by one of our patient’s family members:

“Dear Critical Care Bob, One of our mother’s last wishes was that I write you a thank you letter. She was beginning to have trouble with word-finding by then, but she smiled as she clearly said, ‘I like him, he is very good. I want you to write a letter to the hospital telling them how good he is and I want you to write a thank you note to him.’

“My sisters and I knew why she felt that way. We were all grateful for the way you cared for mom. You felt like family and we really appreciated your light-hearted humor and gentle attention that put mom so at ease when she otherwise felt humiliated by her relative helplessness. I treasure the memory of mom’s smile as you danced with her during transfers. She literally saved the last dance for YOU! Lucky you … lucky us!

“You touched our hearts Bob, in the most beautiful healing way. That tender touch will ever be with us. Thank you.”

Dr. Aimee Yu also shared a lovely story about Bob: when a patient had no family present, he made himself her family, even visiting her in her nursing home and baking her fresh bread.

From all of us at AAMC, we offer our congratulations, Bob!


  1. Posted by Tina Andersen, at Reply

    What a beautiful story about a wonderful nurse!! Congrats Bob!

  2. Posted by Cheryl Briggs, at Reply

    Dear Bob:
    Congratulations! You truly encompass all that the Daisy Award is meant to recognize in a nurse. The compassion, kindness, patience and family centered care you show to our patients is truly exceptional! You are a very special nurse!

  3. Posted by Candy Costantini, at Reply

    Congratulations Critical Care Bob!! You definitely deserve this award. You are a role model for us all. I strive to be like you.

  4. Posted by mimsy, at Reply

    bob, i have long been a fan!!! thanks for being youand thanks for the inspiration to all!!!!

  5. Posted by Michelle Donovan, at Reply

    Bob, you are a true gift to all your patients and families at AAMC as well as the staff with whom you work. Congratulations on this award for your never ending caring and compassion!

  6. Posted by Vicky tallerico, at Reply

    Congratulations Bob! I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more.

  7. Posted by Amy Cratty RN, at Reply

    Truly inspiring! Congratulations!!

  8. Posted by Anne Van Waes, at Reply

    Nicely done, Bob! Your efforts for best care are evident every day. Congratulations!

  9. Posted by Jenn King, at Reply

    Congratulations Bob! I cannot think of a more deserving nurse.

  10. Posted by Rebecca, at Reply

    Congratulations Bob, you truly deserve this award and are by far an exceptional RN and person.

  11. Posted by Mary Cohn, at Reply

    Congratulations, Bob! You are so deserving!

  12. Posted by carol brumsted, at Reply

    Well deserved, Bob! I am proud to work among such excellent nurses as yourself. Thanks for being YOU!

  13. Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

    Great Job Bob! We love you!

  14. Posted by TERESA PUTSCHER, at Reply

    Congratulations Bob, no one deserves this more. You are the nurse I want taking care of me or my famioly should tragedy strike.You are intelligent, kind, witty, and deeply caring of your patients, everything needed in a crisis. Thank you for all of the wonderful care you have provided throughout the years.

  15. Posted by Mary Gillis, at Reply

    I couldn’t agree more that Bob deserves this award and recognition. He took care of my Mom in April of 2001. I (and my sisters) will never forget that he made her final days more comfortable and bearable for all of us.

    Congratulations Bob!

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