Bedside Scientist Grants: Raise it Up!

Bedside Scientist Grants: Raise it Up!

Calling all beside scientists! It was announced at the Nursing Strategic Retreat that ten AAMC Nursing Bedside Scientist Grants are available.

These $1,000 grants are intended to “jump start” knowledge to improve the standard of care and results on your unit—this may be through design of a journal club, application of specialty standards, design of a particular intervention, or many other ideas. Funds will be used to support resources (e.g., journal, conference attendance, small equipment or supplies to test) and staffing hours related to the work of the grant. Please follow these guidelines: 

  1. Submit by midnight on August 15 to Jane Lucia at

  2. 750 word maximum

  3. SBAR format

  4. Demonstrate a plan that will enhance the care of patients on your unit

  5. Demonstrate how you will know you have achieved that plan

  6. Demonstrate that the “jump start”  can be completed by March 31, 2012

  7. Factors to consider: Patient and family centeredness, evidence, teamwork, leadership

The grant applications will be scored by Sherry Perkins, Cathaleen Ley, Jennifer Herzig and the Evidence-Based Practice Initiative. The awards will be announced just after Labor Day for immediate implementation and will be featured at our November Evidence-Based Practice Fair, on the Blog, and during Nurses Week 2012. We will give support to submitting these projects for publication. Additionally, two grant winners will be selected to attend the ANCC Magnet Conference in Baltimore this October.   

Please collaborate with your colleagues, quality council chairs, directors, educators, physicians, and other teammates. Raise it up!

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