Are You Gellin’?

Are You Gellin’?

The Vascular Access Team and their patients with central lines are totally gellin’.

Last September, the IV Therapists began using a new type of central line dressing to help reduce the risk of infection. A silicone gel pad in the center of the dressing is infused with an antiseptic called chlorhexadine gluconate (CHG). Once applied, the CHG is slowly released at the central line site over a period of days, constantly inhibiting bacterial re-growth.

This CHG dressing is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Infusion Standards of Practice.

The dressings are applied in the first 24-hours after central line placement by IV Therapists and Dialysis staff and will be used on all central lines, with the exception of surgically implanted ports. Questions? Contact the IV Therapist at x5038. -Clint Welch, RN

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