Are You AAMC’s Next Top O.R. Nurse?

Are You AAMC’s Next Top O.R. Nurse?


Brittany Townsend, RN, and Anne Patterson, RN, helped our staff to learn more about the role of a Perioperative Nurse.

Perioperative nurses are responsible for the patient’s well-being before, during and after a procedure. To celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week (Nov 5-11), the Operating Room educators created an educational display entitled, “Are You AAMC’s Next Top O.R. Nurse?”

Staff stopped by for a photo op and to view surgical instruments that were on display. Perioperative staff were on hand to answer questions like, “What is a perioperative nurse? and “Why do O.R. staff dress so funny?”

A huge thank you to all who stopped by and posed, as well as a thank you to our O.R. educators, Terri Ridel, Brittany Townsend, Margaret Saul and Anne Patterson.

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