Are you a Healthy Nurse?

Are you a Healthy Nurse?

A Healthy Nurse is a nurse who takes care of his or her personal health, safety, and wellness and lives life to their fullest capacity – physically, mentally, spiritually, and professionally. A Healthy Nurse is a better role model, educator, and advocate – personally, for the family, for the community, for the work environment, and for the patient.

Nurses are 3.1 million strong and the most trusted profession, and have the power to make a difference! By choosing nutritious foods and an active lifestyle, managing stress, living tobacco-free, getting preventive immunizations and screenings, and choosing protective measures such as wearing sunscreen and bicycle helmets, nurses can set an example on how to BE healthy ().

Marna Ross

In June, I attended the ANA’s Healthy Nurse Conference at the National Harbor — the theme was Nurses as Models of Wellness in Action. The conference objective was to promote healthy lifestyles, show ways to integrate healthy habits into both our personal and professional lives and to encourage nurses to become role models for a healthy population.

The conference was positive, inspiring and invigorating. During the morning break we did yoga, in the afternoon it was salsa dancing. Healthy snacks throughout the day, like nuts and popcorn, kept everyone energized.

Conference topics included presentations on How to Change our Behavior, Energy Management, Sleep Loss and Fatigue, Living Fit, Creating a Healthy Work Place and Instant Stress Busters. To view some of these handouts and references, go to and click on Healthy Nurse Conference, then CE Center.

Overall, attending made me appreciate even more AAMC’s Energize programs and Green initiatives.  I feel we are very fortunate that AAMC puts these principles into action for all employees and their families.    -Marna Ross, RN

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