After visiting AAMC, fellow RN “inspired to be a better nurse.” A letter of thanks to our L&D and NICU teams.

After visiting AAMC, fellow RN “inspired to be a better nurse.” A letter of thanks to our L&D and NICU teams.

HiRes3Is there any greater complement than that from another nurse? This just makes us glow with pride. Way to go, L&D and NICU teams!

I am taking the time to write you today about the exceptional experience that my family and I had at AAMC. My sister recently delivered her first child at your facility. She and her husband had planned to deliver at an affiliated birthing center, but she went into labor at 36 weeks gestation and was admitted to your hospital.

To complicate things further, she had just left her husband at the airport to leave on a business trip. With all of her family hundreds of miles away, she bravely became a mother — not alone as it might seem, but with the amazing support and guidance of the nursing and medical staff in the L&D unit. Once she was able to reach her husband, the nursing staff even arranged for her to video chat with him during his flight so he could see both her and his new son.

Once I arrived to the hospital on Tuesday, I was admittedly anxious and worried for my family. The staff immediately put me at ease. From the volunteers in the gift shop, to the lactation consultants and nursing staff; everyone we encountered was kind, articulate, caring, and provided amazing care.

To complicate things even further, on Wednesday evening, it became necessary for the newest member of our family to be transferred to the NICU — another unexpected turn in an already stressful week. Once again, I was amazed at the staff we encountered.

The nursing and support staff in the NICU exemplify exactly what care should be: compassionate, collaborative, and of the highest quality.

I would specifically like to mention two of the nurses in the NICU — Michelle Ritter, RN, and Polly White, RN. Both Michelle and Polly helped guide my family through a challenging time and did so with grace and poise. They instilled confidence in my sister during a time when she felt totally out of her element and out of control.

I would also like to specifically mention Lori Wagner, CRNP, RN, and Yann-Yann Lin, MD. The daily rounds led by Lori and Dr. Lin could be a model for other centers across the country. Rounds were truly collaborative, including not only other disciplines, but most importantly our family. They answered every question we had and made us all, most importantly my sister and her husband, feel at ease leaving their new child in the care of strangers.

Lori went out of her way throughout our time in the NICU to listen, as well as teach. She provided comfort to my sister and ensured that we were all taken care of — physically and emotionally. Lori is an amazing asset to your institution and inspired me to be a better nurse.

I have never written a letter of commendation — to any organization — but I was truly blown away by every aspect of AAMC. As a nurse and a visitor, I can truly say that I knew my family was getting the highest quality of care, by people who truly care about their patients.


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