After loss of mom, family thanks SCU for compassion, dignity, respect, kindness

After loss of mom, family thanks SCU for compassion, dignity, respect, kindness


Our mother recently died at your institution. Her last few days on this earth were spent with the kind and gentle Special Care Unit staff. We want you to know how grateful we are to all of them for the tender care they gave to our dying mother and their absolute patience and understanding in dealing with our large family and our need to say goodbye. Over the weekend, almost every one of her 12 children and 33 grandchildren visited her and stayed near her for hours at a time. (This doesn’t even include spouses or great-grandkids that came.)

We occupied the room, the hallways, and any other area we could fit. The staff treated all of us with the same dignity and respect that was afforded our mother. We know that this is definitely not the case in every medical facility and we want you to know that we recognize this and applaud your employees for the passion they bring to their work and the compassion they show to their patients and visitors.

There are several exceptional people that we want to mention because they are the rarest of the rare. Sometimes in this life, you cross paths with people that you know for sure were put there for a reason. Often these special human beings are referred to as angels because of their extraordinary kindness and empathy. You realize that it is divine providence that you have met them, because in this world of 7 billion people only God could have arranged that you came together in this place, in this time, and in this situation. That’s how we feel about Prasad Savana, M.D., Leah Miskimon, PCT, Kristie Reed, RN, and Annette Bargmann, RN.

Dr. Savana was the hospital physician who cared for our mother. After several days of tests, he gently told us that we should consider talking to the hospice workers. He told us that he would do everything in his power to let our mom come home to die. Although that wasn’t in God’s plan, we feel that our mother had a very peaceful death at your facility. Our entire family thanks Dr. Savana for his wise medical advice and his incredible compassion in caring for our mom. We feel your hospital is lucky to have him in your employ and we were blessed to have him take care of our mom.

Leah is one of the gentlest souls we have ever met. She is the epitome of what every caretaker should strive to be — understanding, caring, kindhearted, sympathetic and empathetic. She deserves to be recognized for the way she takes care of her patients, because employees like her don’t grow on trees. Leah cared for our mother as if she was her own. She exemplified Christian kindness, charity, gentleness, and respect in every aspect of her care for our mother. In our book, she is the angel who took care of our mom the last few days of her life, and she did it with grace and love. While she was making our mom as physically comfortable as possible, she was also providing emotional comfort for all of us. Our thanks to her for her kind and gentle ways.

Kristie and Annette were both extremely gentle with our mom as they administered meds and took care of her over the weekend. We are very grateful to them for their gentle touch and kind conversations with us. We commend both of them and hope you pass along our thanks.

These employees are to be commended for the job they do every day. They have our gratitude and thanks for the way they treated our mother and the way they treated us. We will never forget that weekend — that was the week we let one earthly angel go and met several more along the way.

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