After C-PORT, a patient’s wife thanks ED, Cath Lab and CCU staff for making a “big difference”

After C-PORT, a patient’s wife thanks ED, Cath Lab and CCU staff for making a “big difference”

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This letter from a patient’s wife is a true testimony of our amazing staff. She recognized that from her husband’s first few minutes in the ED until his discharge from CCU, he received excellent care from a team of professional, caring, highly-skilled techs, nurses and doctors. To all involved, we join her in thanking you. 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved in treating my husband during his cardiac stay. He had informed me of his chest pain and that he needed to go to the hospital. He wanted to go to his Baltimore hospital but his pain was too severe for that distance. We opted for AAMC which was closer.

We arrived in the ED about 6:40am and he was seen immediately. Cardiology tech Melissa Sayles recognized something on the recording and told staff in the ED. C-Port was called. My husband was seen by a physician in the ED, then Dr. Marco Mejia arrived and they proceeded to the Cath Lab.

He was prepped and in the Cath Lab very quickly and his pain was relieved after the stent was placed. Dr. Mejia met me in the waiting room and explained all he did, why, and anticipated length of stay. When I saw my husband at 8:30 am, just after the procedure, I was relieved by his improvement and that the timing could not have been any quicker.

The CCU staff were very patient with him and very supportive of my family and I. Vivian Craft, RN, Lauren Hall, RN, Yolanda Lang, RN, and others were very professional and made a difference in his stay and my need to understand. Dr. Mejia explained what he needed to do to recover. Communication was clear, precise and timely.

Thank you all for being the staff and hospital that makes a big difference.

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