After 50 years in nursing, Louise Hanson, CRNP, says farewell

After 50 years in nursing, Louise Hanson, CRNP, says farewell


Louise O’Connor Hanson, CRNP is retiring this week after devoting 50 years to nursing. She graduated from Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing in New York in the 1960’s (back when junior and senior nursing students cared for an entire ward of patients).

Louise has made numerous contributions to Nursing during her half century of experience – we especially appreciate her role as a member of AAMC’s Medical Staff for the last 12 years.


A photo of Louise from her nursing school yearbook.

Over the last half century, Louise has done a little bit of everything! She developed and co-directed the Dare to C.A.R.E program, was certified as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner-Vascular Specialty, acted as case manager for the Vascular Institute and the Neuroscience Institute, and held roles as clinical instructor, clinical director, nurse manager, and staff nurse in intensive care, pediatric research, labor and delivery, perinatal services, home health and hospice.

Ever dedicated to nursing as a profession, Louise has mentored her fellow nurses, as well as precepted many nurse practitioner students. She and her colleagues are published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Today, and she has presented nationally.

Louise, we say “so long” but not good-bye. We thank you for all the contributions you have made to AAMC. We will surely miss you. –Linda L. Weiss, BSN, RN 


  1. Posted by Maria Moody, at Reply

    Dear Louise,

    Thank You so much for your mentorship and leadership in nursing. You are an inspiration to nursing and to women. Lots of love and well wishes for a happy retirement!


  2. Posted by Jackie Jackson, at Reply


    Thank you so much for your mentorship and leadership, you are the epitome of the professional nurse. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  3. Posted by Jackie Jackson, at Reply

    It has been great knowing and working with you over the years, I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. You are truly the epitome of the professinal nurse!! thank you for being a great leader and mentor. ENJOY your time!

  4. Posted by Sue, at Reply

    You surely will be missed. Your professionalism and kind smile walking into the room of a patient was a great relief for the patient, the family , and the nurse. Your smile lightened up the room. I wish you all the best and please take care of yourself and have fun out there. You deserve it !
    Peace Sue

  5. Posted by Toni Schiller, at Reply

    Dear Louise,
    I can not begin to thank you.. my teacher, mentor and friend.

    Wishing you fair winds
    and a fallowing sea,
    hopefully one or two
    Happy Hours with me!
    xoxo Toni

  6. Posted by Mary McLean, at Reply

    Louise, I have enjoyed working with you over the years. You have always been a good leader and mentor. I still remember you helping me when I did a clinical rotation in ICU as a student at UMAB. Working collaboratively with you when I was a Clinical Specialist was always a pleasure. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve some fun days ahead. Will miss you. Mary

  7. Posted by Candy Costantini, at Reply

    Louise: Congratuations on your retirement! Thank you for all you have done for AAMC, the Vascular Institute, Nurses, and me. It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you these past 4 years. I wish you all the best life has to offer.

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