Accepting Honors at Annapolis City Council

Accepting Honors at Annapolis City Council

Janet Henery - City Hall

Janet Henery, RN, at the microphone thanking the Mayor and City Council, Housing Authority leaders and residents and fellow AAMC staff.

I’m so proud to have had the microphone at City Hall on Nov. 10 as part of the recognition for AAMC for our multiple projects with the City of Annapolis Housing Authority.

For our efforts for nurse outreach and new clinics, AAMC received the Martha Wood Leadership Award. Named for this community activist, the award recognizes deserving persons or organizations for helping make the community a better place.

The City Council’s official proclamation named just a few of the growing list of activities that AAMC are actively involved:

  • Weekly nurse clinics at Morris Blum Apartments for medication reconciliation and health checks
  • Educational programs for heart health and diabetes, including the Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshops
  • Sponsorship of walking club
  • Nurse advice clinics at Harbour House and Eastport Terrace
  • Sponsorship of the Pathways to Opportunities conferences
  • Nutrition programs for children attending summer camp
  • Bringing and administering flu shots to HACA residents
  • Opening of the Morris Blum Clinic (celebrating 1 year of operation!)

It was an honor and privilege to be alongside my physician colleagues Drs. Pat Czapp and Scott Eden accepting this honor. Kudos to Mary Ellen Turner, Chair of the Award Committee and HACA partner, and to Chris Crabbs and fellow nurse Marlou Klamp for their leadership in this work.  -Janet Henery, RN, askAAMC/Community Health and Wellness


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