AAMC’s Surgical Services wins the Trailblazer Award!

AAMC’s Surgical Services wins the Trailblazer Award!

With a focus on occupational health and the health of our local community, AAMC’s surgical services have blazed a trail of sustainability—and they have the award to prove it. Recently, Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (MD H2E) honored AAMC with its 2011 Trailblazer Award for serving as a strong model for other hospitals, blazing the trail of sustainable healthcare by reducing our environmental footprint and raising the bar on achieving improved results.

See below how Surgical Services are creating a healthier building for our staff, patients and community:

• Achieved 90% energy conservation through the implementation of LED surgical lighting.
Diverted over 3,944 pounds of waste from the incineration through our Remanufacturing & Reprocessing program.
Prevented 20,825 pounds of CO2 emissions through reusable sharps container program.
• R
educed staff and patients exposure to hazardous chemicals through PVC free floor, wall and door protection in South Tower ORs.
Minimized staff’s risk of being potentially exposed to harmful fluids by implementing Neptune, a closed, fluid collection system. This system also reduces the volume of waste that was previously sent to the incinerator.
• Continual r
ecycling of non-confidential paper, cardboard, bottles and cans in common areas.

Way to go, Surgical Services!   -Charlotte Wallace, RN

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