AAMC’s newest PCT’s graduate!

AAMC’s newest PCT’s graduate!

Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s, who recently completed their on-site program and became certified as CNA’s. This week, they joined with COO/CNO Sherry Perkins, AAMC colleagues and their families for a graduation ceremony.PCT Graduation Dec 2012 (2)

Pictured here from left to right: Rhoda Nickens (NCU), Lauren Norris (GSU), Jessica Nixon (PEDS), Darryl Hayes (GSU), Cherrelle Body (MSU), Amy Gamble (HVU), Gary Emerson (6 South), Melissa Poppe (Oncology), Blaine Slacum (ED). *Not pictured: Catherine Paxton (Flex), Denise Biggar (MSU), Sharron Fletcher (6 South), Amina Ramsey (MBU)

One of the highlights of the ceremony was hearing what each unit had to say about the hard work and dedication that each of these PCT’s has put in to the program. Check out their encouraging words:

Denise Biggar (MSU) “Denise came to MSU from the Pharmacy department. She is always cheerful and always glad to help her patients and has proved to be a fast and eager learner. She makes her patients happy and safe. We welcome her as part of the MSU team. Pharmacy’s loss is our gain!”

Cherrelle Body (MSU) “Cherrelle came to us from the ED where she was a Patient Care Secretary. She has grown nicely into her role as a PCT II. She may seem like the quiet type, but don’t get in her way when it comes to patient care! Cherrelle is often seen doing the “little things” for her patients with a smile. She is a hard worker with lots to give. We are glad she is part of the MSU team. Sorry ED, she’s ours now!”

Gary Emerson (6S) “I have had the pleasure of working with Gary on several occasions. He has always been friendly and professional. He picks things up very quickly and is great with the patients. He really seems to care for others as if they were his own family. I think he is a great addition to the 6 South team.  I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Sharron Fletcher- (6S) “I have worked with Sharron for several shifts over the last couple of weeks and it has been my pleasure to train her. She has an incredible work ethic that has been evident from her first day here.  She picks up on things very quickly, so much so that on her second day she was doing most of the daily tasks. She has excellent bedside manner and will definitely be one of the strongest techs here on 6 South.”

Amy Gamble (HVU) “Amy began her career at AAMC providing peace of mind to patients, family, friends and co-workers as a member of the hospital’s security team. In the fall, she transferred into the technician program as a gateway into her future career as a registered nurse. Amy is eager to learn about the health care system and is dedicated to the development of her career. She has the ability to establish relationships with any personality type by maintaining a positive attitude and delivers quality patient care through evidence based practice. She promotes teamwork and patient advocacy stating, ‘I would want it that way for my family.’  There is no doubt in my mind that Amy will be a valued asset to the health care community!”

Darryl Hayes (GSU) “Darryl joins the GSU team after working in radiology and security at AAMC. He is extremely excited about his new role as a PCT which will allow him to provide more direct patient care. Darryl has been very motivated throughout the program and is always eager to learn new things. His friendly personality and caring attitude will make him an asset to GSU.”

Rhoda Nickens (NCU) We are so fortunate to have Rhoda as member of our Neuro Care team.  Rhoda worked in the Laboratory as a phlebotomist prior to entering the PCT Training program.   Her supervisor in the Lab was very sad to see her go and said she will be a great asset to the Neuro Care unit.  Rhoda is kind, caring and energetic. Her preceptor describes her as enthusiastic, dependable and a fast learner. She is always looking to learn a new skill and to gain more knowledge.  She has awesome phlebotomy skills and a smile that will to melt your heart.”

Jessica Nixon (PEDS) “Jessica is a jack of all trades starting in Peds as a PCS when the unit opened and working as a phlebotomist for the lab. Her spunky personality will help her keep pace in the busy Peds ED! 

Lauren Norris (GSU) “Lauren joins the GSU team from Health Care Enterprises where she worked in the office of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.  Shortly after starting the PCT program, Lauren was accepted into nursing school and will start in January, so becoming a PCT is a nice stepping stone for starting her nursing career. Lauren’s colleagues describe her as always smiling and willing to do whatever is asked or needs to be done. She is very attentive to her patients and is always there to lend a helping hand.

Catherine Paxton (Flex)  “Catherine enjoyed working in the Phlebotomy Department here at AAMC; however she developed a strong desire to have a position which allowed her to spend more time with her patients. Catherine is very enthusiastic about her new role as a PCT. She demonstrates compassion and dedication to the patients she cares for. In particular, Catherine loves the variety of patients that the Flex Pool offers. She loves learning new patient care skills.”

Melissa Poppe (ONC) “Melissa is a bright and energetic young lady. She is an excellent PCT and the oncology patients love her.  She is currently in school pursuing a nursing degree and we look forward to watching her growth in the coming years.”

Amina Ramsey (MBU) “Amina is transitioning from a Patient Care Secretary role in Mother/Baby to the PCT role. Her colleagues describe her as ‘very dedicated to infant security and always willing to lend a helping hand.’ Amina takes great pride in her work and is excited to be involved in more direct patient care.   

Blaine Slacum (ED) Blaine came to us as a Mental Health Patient Care Attendant to be a PCT in the ED. Blaine exudes a positive attitude. He is already a team player and seeks out all opportunities to learn. We look forward to having Blaine on our team!


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