AAMC Staff & Families Support KidWalk 2010

AAMC Staff & Families Support KidWalk 2010

What a powerful show of community support from AAMC staff  for KidWalk 2010, which benefited the Light House Shelter.

AAMC had 24 participants who helped out all across the board–from staffing the first aid tables, to fundraising, to walking. Great community involvement from our staff and their families! 

Special thanks to Ashley DeStefano (Wellness) and Chona Hamrock (NICU) who coordinated the fundraising for AAMC and rallied over $800 for KidWalk!  Also a special thank you to each person who gave time on their personal day to be part of this children’s focused event!   


  1. Posted by carol lacher, at Reply

    This was my first opportunity to participate in a Community walk to support the charity needs of our community. I had a great time with others and early rising for a great cause. When walking with many others we had the time to see the community, and realizing many families do not have that we take for granted everyday. I am looking forward to participate again in events to support our community.

  2. Posted by Beth Cunane, at Reply

    This was my first time participating and we had a great time! I too have a teenager who learned a great lesson that day about how what she has and should be thankful for because not everyone has what she has. She may have realized that I really am not trying to ruin her life. LOL. My 8 year old ran circles around us. I wish I had that kind of energy. I am looking forward to next year. I felt great to have that kind of exercise and know I was helping a great cause. And we got free t-shirts!

  3. Posted by Chona Hamrock, at Reply

    This was my first experience doing a charity walk and it was great to share it with my daughter and her friend. In a day where teenagers think it’s the end of the world if their computer isn’t working, or their cell phone isn’t getting a signal, it made her realize that there are so many children in our community with so much less, and KidWalk is about giving back to them. She now wants to volunteer more! And if you’re wondering why she’s not walking with me in the picture above, well, now, that would “JUST NOT BE COOL”!!

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