AAMC rated among top ten in nation for safe surgery

AAMC rated among top ten in nation for safe surgery

surgerystockAAMC has been recognized for being among the Top Ten in the nation for overall surgery ratings. It reflects the teamwork we have in surgical services and throughout our organization. 

In our efforts to establish a culture of safety, we put patients and their families at the center of our care and make them part of our team. Our patients also serve as advisors on many of our hospital committees – more than 80 patient and family advisors are assisting AAMC on a daily basis.

Quick facts:

  • AAMC is the state’s third busiest surgical hospital and has the largest joint replacement center in Maryland
  • We have experienced surgeons across 20 different specialties
  • We are one of only a few hospitals in the state where surgeons lead timeouts before starting surgery.

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This recognition shows AAMC is a national leader in high-quality, safe care.  Thank you for your tireless commitment to ensuring the best care – and outcomes – for our patients.

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