AAMC Iron Girls — friends, coworkers, moms and grandmothers — compete together. Why do they race?

AAMC Iron Girls — friends, coworkers, moms and grandmothers — compete together. Why do they race?

Before sunrise on Sunday, August 16, a team of AAMC staff crowded into the transition area at Centennial Park, where about 2,000 bicycles were racked tightly together. They were mentally and physically preparing for a tough morning: a .62mi swim, 16 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run – and the title of Iron Girl.

Pictured above is the AAMC Iron Girl team: Back Row: Kelly Swan, Cheryl Jones, Liz Egan, Holly Sowko, Pamela Geraghty. Middle Row: Brandy Brown, Brook Jones (Cheryl Jones’ daughter), Carol Brumstead, Peggy Rabuck, Kathleen Evans, Devra Cockerille, Colleen Schaper (Monica Mewshaw’s sister-in-law), Danette Readling. Kneeling in front: Wiebke Hannigan, Monica Mewshaw

The AAMC Iron Girls were proud to donate their fundraising proceeds to the Light House shelter, one of AAMC’s community partners.

They learned a lot about themselves through the course of training for this event and competing in it. Why do they race?:

“This was my second time doing the Iron Girl. I love it because it motivates me to exercise and do activities that I wouldn’t normally do. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 12 years old and so getting back on one at age 32 felt strange at first, but now I rediscovered how great it is to fly down the street on your bike! The Iron Girl seems impossible at first—but when you break it down into chunks you realize it’s doable, and you don’t have to be a super-fit athlete to do it. You just need to have determination and believe in yourself. At the start of it I was nervous but at the end I had a big smile on my face and thought, “That was fun!” I was tired, but I felt strong and happy. I hope to continue doing this event until I’m 80.” -Kelly Swan (Marketing/Communications)

“Last year, competing in the Iron Girl was sort of a bucket-list goal. This year, it was actually fun. In the months leading up to this event, my 10 year-old son would take his bike out with me as I ran or biked around our neighborhood. This September, he’s doing his first triathlon! This is so special to me. Thanks, AAMC, for promoting healthy lifestyles in your employees. The ripple effect can be far reaching.” –Monica Mewshaw, RN (Clinical Education & Professional Development)

“I am amazed at all of the hard work and dedication of the AAMC Iron girl team! You are such an inspiring group of women.  For those contemplating a triathlon or any other race, take it one day at a time and you will get there. I always remind myself when I am training… the mind will always give up before the body!”  -Danette Readling, RN (ACE)

“I love this event because the women participating come in all ages and abilities. The expressions of emotion as these woman cross the finish line are priceless.” -Carol Brumstead, RN (OPI)

“I think the Iron Girl is one of the best events I have ever participated in. Everyone was so encouraging. Even though my time was slow, I know I had a good workout because four days later I was still feeling it! I would have never trained this summer like I did if I hadn’t already signed up. There were days I didn’t feel like getting on my bike. But I did anyway and I am healthier and happy because of it.” -Kathy Evans, RN (SSU)

“I had a great day, along with all the AAMC Iron Girls! I may not have had a personal best time, but I am reinvigorated and motivated to continue on my journey!  I always get a boost from doing this Iron Girl triathlon, especially with my teammates who return year after year.  So proud of all of us, and that we are raising funds for the Light House Shelter!”  -Brandy Brown, RN (HVU)

The group wants to give a special shout out to their race day support group, especially Jane Lucia and all the family members of the AAMC Iron Girls who supported them during training and on race day. Way to go, Team Iron Girl!

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