A super Saturday for Pediatric Surgery

A super Saturday for Pediatric Surgery

We’ve all heard of Super Sunday, but recently, we here at AAMC had a Super Saturday. On Feb. 5, our Pediatric Surgery seminar, “Smooth Sailing: The New Wave of Pediatric Surgery at AAMC,” had an attendance of 80 medical professionals!

Sherry B. Perkins, Ph.D., R.N. and Mike Clemmens, M.D. warmly welcomed our speakers: Jeffery Lukish, M.D., David Corddry, M.D., and GBMC peri-operative nurses Katherine Devan, R.N. and Rowena Schissler, R.N.

Dr. Corddry spoke of intra-operative anesthetic issues in the care of the pediatric patient, while Dr. Lukish described the future of pediatric surgery at AAMC and the inpatient care of pediatric surgical patients. The seminar ended with case presentations and panel discussion, with many good questions from the audience.

We are all very excited about the future of pediatric surgery at AAMC. To learn more, head over to Surgical Services (ACP 2) on Monday, Feb. 28 from 0800-1600 and attend a rolling Pediatric in-service. Surgical Services and Pediatrics will be  teaming up to educate staff on common pediatric issues like pain control in pediatric patients, airway management, Broselow carts, well child assessments, and more.

-Anne Patterson, R.N., C.N.O.R.

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