A simple, creative way to improve hand hygiene. Thanks MSU!

A simple, creative way to improve hand hygiene. Thanks MSU!

WOWThe Quality Council on the Medical Surgical Unit (MSU) has been working to improve hand hygiene compliance—our goal is 100%. One of the creative ideas the group came up with was to place Avagard, a hand antiseptic, on each Workstation on Wheels (WOW).

Now Avagard, which is already stocked on the unit and in each patient’s room, is even more readily available to the staff as they care for each patient.

How did we do it? Unit leadership discussed several installation options and consulted with Engineering. They installed Avagard holders on each MSU and SCU WOWs the next day.

Since its implementation, we have heard the following comments from the staff:

  • “I think it’s great!” -Karen Jones, PCT II (MSU)
  • “It is so quick and easy to use the Avagard when it is at arm’s reach” -Danny Watkins, RN (MSU)
  • “What a great idea to improve hand hygiene compliance. A great idea from the Quality Council. Let’s see our compliance meet the goal of 100%!” -Mary Cohn, MSN, RN (Educator, MSU)
  • “What an innovative, easy way to impact quality on the unit.” -Christine Frost, MSN, MBA, RN (Director, MSU/SCU)

This great teamwork made MSU’s Quality Council’s creative idea a reality. Way to go!  -Joanne Ronayne, RN

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