A patient’s praise for AAMC’s nursing, medical, and support staff

A patient’s praise for AAMC’s nursing, medical, and support staff

Our whole team — physicians, nurses, nutrition, escort, administrative staff and moreĀ — wowed this patient!

I have been a patient at AAMC several times in the past two years. Most recently I was admitted to your CCU and subsequently spent four days in your 6th floor Medical Surgical Unit.

The care I received by the doctors, nurses, technicians of other members of the staff was superb. As I have several medical conditions, diagnosis and treatment is a challenge. The combined efforts of your staff averted what could have been a catastrophic event for me.

While the doctors certainly get most of the credit, the nurses and technicians were superb. In particular I would like to commend Despina Smith, RN, who seemed to take charge of coordinating my care at a critical point. Stephanie Taylor, RN, Abigail Roche, RN, Claudia Moon, RN, and Rachel Turner, RN, were equally professional and competent.

Having led and managed complex organization most of my life, I judge the professionalism and organization by the manner in which the staff refers to it when they think no one is listening or when an outsider asks. As I interacted with your professional and admin staff, including transporters and food servers, I was struck by the almost universal praise they had for the leadership of AAMC and their satisfaction with their employment. Several indicated that they choose to commute to AAMC rather than accept positions closer to where they live. That sort of employee satisfaction is tangibly translated into patient care.

Lastly, I would like to commend your food service staff. Institutional feeding, especially for sick people, is a difficult and challenging task. Meals were always presented on time, as advertised, by pleasant people. The pot roast served would challenge the quality found in any restaurant I have ever seen.

Thank you to your staff for the excellent care I received and the courtesy extended to my wife and family.

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