A New Era of Fall Prevention at AAMC

A New Era of Fall Prevention at AAMC

preventing fallsPrevention of patient falls at AAMC has always been a top priority. In order to continuously strengthen our fall prevention program, several modifications will be rolled out on Monday, October 1, 2012.

The major change? The adoption of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) Fall Assessment Tool, which will replace the CPM Fall Tool currently in use. The Falls Committee selected this tool for a distinct advantage: it classifies patients into three levels of fall risk: low, moderate, and high (our current tool uses only low and high risk levels). This allows for better differentiation of the patient’s fall risk level and provides direction for interventions appropriate for that patient.

Other changes to our fall program will include:

  • use of yellow wrist bands for moderate and high risk fall patients
  • use of red stars for high risk fall patients
  • bathroom rounds every 2 hours for moderate and high risk fall patients
  • staff will remain with high risk patients while they are toileting

A mandatory HealthStream e-learning for nursing staff and clinical support staff will begin this coming Monday, August 20, 2012, providing information on changes to our fall prevention program, instruction on the use of the new JHH Fall Assessment Tool, and case studies. Questions? Contact cley@aahs.org

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