A letter of thanks to “amazing” CCU nurse, Ruth Burall

A letter of thanks to “amazing” CCU nurse, Ruth Burall

Ruth BurallA letter of thanks to a very CCU special nurse, Ruth Burall, for her exceptional care.

Dear Ruth, I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you personally and thank you so much for the exceptional job you did with my friend (who was a patient on CCU). It was a very difficult time for her and her family, but you seriously made the process so much easier and more bearable.

You were so compassionate, understanding, caring… willing to go the extra mile — for both my friend and her family — and it really went a long way and was so greatly appreciated.

I was extremely touched by both your professionalism and how good you were with her! Please know that everything you did made such a big difference… at such a difficult time! Truly everyone was wonderful at the hospital, but you were amazing… and I really wanted you to know that. Thank you again and my very best wishes go out to you.


  1. Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

    Great Job Ruth!!

  2. Posted by Trish Bryan, Charge RN ENDO, at Reply

    Thank you Ruth for representing our hospital so well.

  3. Posted by Norma Davis, at Reply

    Great job Ruth,we’re so lucky to have a great nurse like you taking care of our friends, families and members of our community.

  4. Posted by Jen Christ, at Reply

    Great Job Ruth! Well deserved! You are an amazing nurse and long time friend. Keep making it Great!

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