A fellow nurse writes in: “So incredibly thankful” to the CCU team for care of family member

A fellow nurse writes in: “So incredibly thankful” to the CCU team for care of family member

We especially love posting letters of thanks from other nurses. Is there any higher praise? Way to go, CCU team!

Thank you graphicsThis letter is written with the highest appraisal of your incredible nursing staff in the CCU. My mother-in-law was recently a patient, with multiple issues requiring massive amounts of vasopressors, intubation with ongoing ventilation and failure to wean.

As a nurse who has eight years of CCU experience, I understand that sometimes, it’s easier to focus on the task at hand to help the patient, making it difficult to tend to the family’s needs consistently.

Without a doubt, I can assure you that your nursing staff was always very communicative with information regarding my mother-in-law’s status, assessments, medications, and procedures. They never hesitated to give attention to our concerns and questions.

Being on the opposite side of the healthcare system has been a truly humbling experience for me. I am used to being the healthcare provider, at the bedside, caring for patients one-on-one. This incident has made me step back and allow other healthcare providers to provide the necessary care. We have been able to rest comfortably, knowing that she received quality care by the amazing nurses employed in the CCU. You should feel tremendous pride in the care being given.

The nursing staff in the CCU always provided updates throughout the day via telephone, as well as in person when my husband and I have come to visit, sometimes multiple times throughout the day.

While she has been in your CCU, my mother-in-law has had numerous nurses. Unfortunately, I cannot recall every nurse who has cared for her, but I would like to mention a few by name for their extraordinary nursing care, as well as taking so much time out of their busy day to keep my husband and me updated.

Brooke Calhoun, RN, was with her for three days during the first week she was there. I must have called a dozen times during her three shifts and was also in and out of her room. She always took the time to talk to us and ease our anxiety during this tumultuous time. This was very reassuring.

Vicky Tallerico, RN, was also amazing and kept us updated constantly. She was there for me, personally, during a breakdown at my mother-in-Iaw’s bedside and gave me the reassurance that we were doing the right thing during the time she was unable to make decisions for herself. Vicky was involved in major discussions regarding her long-term needs. Vicky was full of compassion and empathy.

Colleen Crowe-Elville, RN, really made us feel as if she were a friend of the family. Colleen helped give us the reassurance that my mother-in-law was, in fact, coherent under the sedation. This was primarily important, due to the fact that we were very concerned about her neurological function. Colleen held my hand and went above and beyond for my family.

Melissa McCullum, RN, played an instrumental role in facilitating meetings with the doctors, talking to my husband and I daily about my mother-in-law’s progress and giving me a hug when I desperately needed one. She wasn’t a bedside nurse to our loved one personally, but as a charge nurse, she was incredible. Her remarkable ability to listen as I vented my frustrations made a huge difference.

Finally, I must include your CCU secretary, Freda Obianwu, who it seemed was there every day along with us. She knows us now by name and always greets us with a smile at the desk. Freda took the initiative to call our mother-in-Iaw’s nurse before we even approached the desk. She made us feel important and spoke to us with respect — it was very refreshing.

I am so incredibly thankful for the hope, loyalty, respect, empathy and exceptional care that our family received. Again, THANK YOU!

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