A family’s letter to ED & CCU: compassionate care made saying goodbye a little easier

A family’s letter to ED & CCU: compassionate care made saying goodbye a little easier

In this touching letter, a family expresses their gratitude. Saying goodbye to their mother was difficult, but the compassionate care by the ED and CCU staff will never be forgotten.

MED2097I would like to express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to your hospital and several staff members. My mother came through the Emergency Department by ambulance from a rehab center. She had broken her ankle and ended up with a bowel obstruction and gangrenous bowels. The care she received was the best I have seen in a very long time. The nurse in the ED and the physician who took care of her were very good explaining information to me. I don’t have their names, but please pass on to them how grateful we were.

Mom was admitted to the CCU in the afternoon. The surgeon came in to see her and talked with my brother and told him there was nothing that could be done and to get the family together to say our goodbyes. How very hard that was on our family. We felt so horrible because we always protected her and took care of her after my Dad passed away four years ago.

I would like to tell you how wonderful the nurses and nurse practitioner were that took care of her while in the unit. The first was Brandee Breitenbach, RN — what a loving and compassionate person she is. She was  also with Mom the next morning when she passed. Brandee treated her so sweetly, as if she were taking care of her own mom. I ran into Brandee two months later and she remembered everything and even gave me a hug. What an awesome young lady!

The second nurse was Julie Whiteside, RN, who was with Mom all through the night. She was very helpful to the family and friends that were there. She was very willing to answer questions and talk with all of us. I know there are only a few people allowed in the room at a time, but she kept everything organized and allowed us to be in and out of the room, giving my Mom the last hugs and kisses we would be able to give. In the morning she had us leave the room and she cleaned my Mom, changed her gown, sheets, and turned her to make her comfortable. She did this kindness knowing my Mom would be leaving soon.

The nurse practitioner, Loc Thompson, was also fantastic. We would ask questions and even though the answers were not what we wanted to hear, she had such a soothing and calming way. She even took care of me, making sure I had something to eat and drink, because I have breast cancer and was going through treatments.

I could go on and on to let you how wonderful the nurses and physicians were that took care of my Mom. All our thanks and love to each and everyone who touched our Mom in some way. You have a wonderful staff and hospital.

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