$60,000 in scholarships to be awarded this year. Apply here & read Stacey Cole’s story.

$60,000 in scholarships to be awarded this year. Apply here & read Stacey Cole’s story.

The AAMC Foundation will award twelve $5,000 scholarships this year! Applications are now being accepted at www.aahs.org/aamcnursing. Deadline to submit is February 14, 2014.

Here’s how Stacey Cole, RNC-OB, from Labor & Delivery benefitted from one of the scholarships.

Doc5I am truly humbled to be a recipient of the John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship. Having a large family, finances are always a concern, and since my husband and I are currently attending graduate school, we have been struggling to meet the needs of our family. The scholarship money was extremely helpful in providing the funds needed to purchase an upgraded computer and supplement my tuition needs, thus decreasing the financial obligation that we will have following our graduation.

It has also gives me the opportunity to continue to learn about nursing informatics. Through the education that I am receiving, I have a better understanding about workflow and informatics in healthcare. I am excited to say that my long-term goals have the foundation of making the bedside nurse’s job easier so that they will be able to care for their patients to the best of their ability.

I just want to let the Gosselin family know that not only have you impacted a nurse but you have touched future generations. This gift has given my husband and me the opportunity to continue to strive for our goals and provide a better life for our children. Our family of nine has been truly impacted your generosity by showing my children the importance of giving to others. Thank you so much for your caring and giving heart.

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