6 benefits of climbing the Clinical Ladder (and how to get started)

6 benefits of climbing the Clinical Ladder (and how to get started)

Clinical Ladder

AAMC nurses, Gale Schreiber and Corbie Haynes, recently moved up on the Clinical Ladder!

This December, we say congrats to another GREAT group of nurses who have been approved for Clinical Ladder appointment and renewal. This brings our total up to 179! (See the complete list of your colleagues who are already on the ladder here.)

Are you thinking about joining the Clinical Ladder but unsure of the benefits? Here are 6 reasons you should start planning for your climb to the top:

  1. Recognition for what you do above and beyond your primary role
  2. Bonus pay
  3. Opportunities to talk about the great things you do every day that help support your unit
  4. Engagement on your unit and within the hospital and community
  5. Promotion of advanced professional development competencies (resume building, portfolio development, public speaking, etc.)
  6. Encourages lifelong learning, certification and higher educational attainment

You’re convinced, but how do you get started? We can help. Before you apply:

Attend a Professional Development Session on the first Thursday of each month from 9-10 a.m. in the South Tower, first floor lobby. You’ll be able to ask questions, practice presenting your portfolio, meet with clinical ladder coaches and view sample portfolios. Email mlee3@aahs.org for dates and details. Also, read about the Clinical Ladder criteria here.

Then, prepare your application:

Finally, present your portfolio:

  • Schedule your Board Review well in advance by emailing clinedu@aahs.org; 2015 dates are available here.
  • Practice presenting your portfolio. This tip sheet for the interview offers practical advice.

Still have questions? Email Melanie Lee at mlee3@aahs.org or Irma Holland at iholland@aahs.org.

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