3 things you need to know about AAMC’s Disaster Team

3 things you need to know about AAMC’s Disaster Team

AAMC’s Disaster Team has big news! Below, the 3 things you need to know about the great work they are doing for our hospital and community — and your opportunity to be involved.

1. Remember all those times your folks yelled at you for pulling your brother around the house in a sled? Oh, no? That was just me? Forget I even brought it up. But speaking of sleds: you’ve probably seen a Disaster Team member showing off AAMC’s new Med Sled evacuation device. If you’re lucky, you may have even observed one of your brave coworkers volunteer to be transported down a flight of stairs! (Read more about the Med Sled in our previous post: The Med Sled evacuation device: a skeptic’s review)

At this point, every unit has now received basic education on these devices and how they will be used in the event of an emergency evacuation. Now, we’re looking for volunteers from each unit to act as MedSled champions – they’ll attend a Train the Trainer session on Friday, Aug. 15 from 0730-1130 in the Belcher Pavilion and provide additional training to the team members on your unit. (This would be great for a Clinical Ladder application, too! Just saying…) If interested in attending, please email Emergency Management Coordinator, Patty Sherman at psherman@aahs.org.  

2. The Disaster Team is planning AAMC’s First Annual Emergency Preparedness Fair, to be held outside the Southport Eatery on September 17, 2014 from 1100-1400. We invite everyone from the hospital and community to attend and gain a better understanding of how the hospital would respond to an incident involving hazardous materials.

Attendees will get to explore our Hazmat tent (did you even know we had one of these?) and learn more about the protective equipment the front line team members would wear in the event of a Hazmat emergency. We’ll talk about Emergency Preparedness Kits and what you need to keep your family safe at home in the event of an emergency, plus so much more!

3. Interested in joining the Disaster Team? We meet from 0900-1100 on the second Wednesday of every month in the South Tower, second floor conference room. Email psherman@aahs.org for more details.  -Katie Music, BSN, RN

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