2012 Excellence Awards winners and Scholarship recipients

2012 Excellence Awards winners and Scholarship recipients

The Excellence Award and Scholarship winners were announced just minutes ago. Below, the news you’ve been waiting for… post your shout outs here!

Excellence Award Winners 2012

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements: Observation Unit

The Richard & Janet Davidson Nursing Award Extraordinary Advances in Patient and Family-Centered Care: MSU

Outpatient and Pathways Technicians and Technologist: Tracy Thompson – Outpatient Infusion Center

Hospital Pavilion Technicians and Technologist: Ana Twitty – Endoscopy

Clatanoff Technicians and Technologist: Cheryle Holmes – Mother/Baby

Surgical Services Technicians and Technologist: Steve Zebron – HP OR

Structural Empowerment – Preceptor: Melanie Lee – Peds

Structural Empowerment – Mentor: Carol Brumsted – Vascular Access

Structural Empowerment – Educator: Melody Kennedy – PRCU/IR/CCL

Transformational Leadership – Manager/Director: Ann Marie Pessagno

Transformational Leadership – Charge Nurse: Holly Sowko – HVU


Exemplary Professional Practice (Unit-based award)

5 North – Sarah White

Interventional Radiology – Stephanie Waltz

Procedural Care Unit – Robin Coury

Pathways – Gary Heiland

Pediatrics – Jamie Cinotti

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Amy Cratty

MSU – Fiona St. Remy

SCU – Terri Carter

Emergency Department – Jessica Campbell

Outpatient Radiation Oncology – Peggy Rabuck

Vascular Access Department – Kathleen Black

Wound Center – Dawn Knebel

Heart & Vascular Unit – Kelly Vogt

Neuro Care Unit – Jacqueline Jackson

JSC – Tracy Ackerman

GSU – Mary Westman

SSU – Christine Young

PACU- Laura Hanlon

Prep/PAT- Ann Barnes

Mother/Baby – Jessica Lewis

CCU – Miemie VanRooyen

OES – Sue Kozel

AskAAMC – Marlou Klamp

Diabetes Center – Anne Hayes

Flex – Julia Schartung

Edwards Surgical Prep-PACU – Natalie Mac Intire

Labor & Delivery – Phyllis Burch

Edwards Surgical Operating Room – Amy Stone

Care Management – Kevie Gomar

Women’s Surgical – Debbie Gettman

Oncology – Katherine King

Cardiac Cath Lab – Mary Ann Kane

Outpatient Infusion Center – Laura Kucine

Neonatal Intensive Care – Robin Hale

Rookie of the Year

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Ashley Miller

MSU – Nick Wolf

SCU – Angel Poole

Heart & Vascular Unit- Jennifer Phipps (Buckmaster)

Neuro Care Unit – Amanda Naylor

OES – Abbey Ludeau

PACU- Amanda O’Neil

GSU – Beth Hoban

JSC – Abbey Schermer

NICU – Lisa Perrin

CCU – Jessica Minor

Labor & Delivery – Christina Harrison

Oncology – Chaundra Hamilton


2012 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

June Brouse, RN  (Mother/Baby) – George and Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship

Susana Bradbury, RN (L&D) – Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund

Erin Spaniol, RN (Peds) – Shirley A. Wheeler Nursing Scholarship                  

Jennifer Rouse, RN (MSU) – AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship

Debbie Sears, RN (Women’s Education) – John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship

Melanie Lee, RN (Peds) – Sheehy Nursing Scholarship

Kathy Bieler, RN (PACU) – Hospital Pavilion Shelley Alion and Robert Welsch Nursing Scholarship

Denise Schmitt, RN (Periop & Phase II Hospital Pavilion) – Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence

Cheryl Briggs, RN (NICU) – Balfe Clifford Nursing Scholarship

Brittany Townsend, RN (Operating Room) – Community Fund Nursing Scholarship Award

Catherine Riordan, PCTII (ED) – Izzo & Patane Nursing Scholarship

Karmell Wilson, PCTII (Mother/Baby) – Gordon & Jean Wells Nursing Scholarship


  1. Posted by Holly Greever, at Reply

    Congrats to all of the winners and all of the nominees. Thanks to all who attended and to all who were working to take care of our patients. It is always such a great night of celebration. The videos were excellent and the music play list was great (thanks Jill!!). I knew we had amazing nurses but who knew we could carry such a tune!


  2. Posted by Jill Smitley, at Reply

    Best celebration of Nursing yet! Every year gets better and better. Congratulations to all the winners and all the nurses for jobs well done.

  3. Posted by Debbie Gettman, at Reply

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea! I am simply thrilled to represent WSU. With graduation coming soon, this is the icing on the cake for me and my career here at AAMC. Thank you for recognizing my dedication to the institution, my patients, and the staff I work with everyday. I humbly accept.

    • Posted by MARY ANN JULIAN, at Reply

      dear debbie,
      congratulations!!! you deserve to win this award for you are truly an excellent nurse and a good team player. i stood up and clapped for you when i heard your name. thank you for all your help when i was starting to be in a charge nurse role. enjoy!!!
      hugs and kisses.
      mary ann

  4. Posted by Brandy L. Brown, at Reply

    It is an awesome feeling to know that both our unit charge nurse and our director have been selected for Excellence Awards in Transformational Leadership. We are doubly blessed on HVU!
    Congratulations to All the Award recipients!

  5. Posted by Bridget Stone, at Reply

    Congratulations to all the award winners. loved the video part of the night(always do). Next year bringing more people to get more votes!!!!!

  6. Posted by Carol Lacher, at Reply

    WOW!! What a great testimony about nurses and who we are today. The Nursing Dinner was spectular with so many great stories, fun, and truly supported by our medical team, community members. Just giving so many scholarships to the best of our team members says so much. Thanks Sherry providing the opportunity for nurses to be recognized among their colleagues, and supporting us to be proud of all our accomplishments as nurses. We tend to move forward and never reflect on our excellence in care.

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