130 attend Professional Development Day! If you missed it, find resources here.

130 attend Professional Development Day! If you missed it, find resources here.

Over 130 staff attended AAMC’s second annual Professional Development Day. Presentations focused on knowledge and skills our nurses could use to both shine in their current role or as they are advance to the next level.

COO/CNO Sherry Perkins kicked off the day with a discussion of the IOM’s Future of Nursing report. She spoke about strategies being implemented at AAMC to help meet our goals for 2020, which include supporting our staff in obtaining BSN degrees. 

Other sessions included:

  • How to Get Your PICO On
  • Let’s Stay Legal
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • The Clinical Ladder and You
  • Create a Professional Presentation
  • Coping with and Managing Change
  • Are you Skilled or Are you Competent?
  • The Art of Non-Verbal Communication

PowerPoints for these presentations are saved in our shared drive, click here to access.

Staff feedback was positive: “Loved the hands on!””Very useful to me in my everyday needs,” “Lot’s of useful information,” “Great relaxation exercise!” and “Good forum for discussion.”

Thanks to all who made this day great: Brittany Townsend and Gena Kosmides helped with set up, Robin Colchagoff, Jen Romero, Carrie Jackson, Christine Schaffer, Stefanie Waltz, and Becky Grubb acted as room monitors; and Monica Mewshaw designed the promotional materials. 

A special thank you for the support received from the Clinical Education Council (CEC), Irma Holland, Sherry Perkins, and the Professional Development initiative. We are looking forward to Professional Development Day 2015!  -Denise Matteson, BSN, RN, CAPA

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