“Now that’s HOT!” by Deb Keane, R.N.

“Now that’s HOT!” by Deb Keane, R.N.

Ever have one of those days when you feel as if you have worked like a dog…and nobody even noticed? Well, the hard work you do is appreciated. And now, your coworkers, patients, and visitors have a way to show their thanks.

Last May, AAMC launched the Honor Our Team (HOT) Program, developed by the Professional Nurses Council (PNC). Recognition forms—called HOT Cards—were made available on all units for anyone to fill out. To date, over 4,000 HOT Cards have been collected!

The comments on the cards have a wide range of compliments from:

She covered my shift for me when I had to get home.” (from a coworker)

She came in to clean my room, but she really made me feel more comfortable when she took the time to talk to me.” (from a patient)

Most departments have set up bulletin boards on their units to display the Hot Cards. Some units make sure the HOT Cards are a part of their admission packets, making it easier for patients and family members to fill one out. Having helped to get the program started here at AAMC, the icing on the cake for me was when a patient actually asked for a HOT Card to fill out before he was discharged.


What is the HOT CARD?

· The HOT CARD is an easy way to recognize and honor employees and members of your team for “Making it Great!” The criteria include: Attitude, Appearance, Teamwork, Accountability, Courtesy/Respect, Listening/Explaining, Privacy, Safety and Caring.

Why is the HOT CARD such a great tool?

· The HOT CARD allows members of our team and visitors to the Medical Center to recognize and honor employees who consistently demonstrate behavioral standards that exceed our expectations.

Who is eligible for a HOT CARD nomination?

· All non-management employees who are regular full-time, regular part-time or CPT

Who can nominate an employee?

· Peers, supervisors, directors, executives, patients, and visitors

How do I nominate an employee?

· The HOT CARD’s can be found in brochure holders and a centrally located suggestion box on units and departments across the medical center. The completed cards will be collected by the director responsible for that area each month. Any forms completed for employees outside your department can be forwarded via inter-office mail to the employee’s director.

Remember, if you catch someone doing something nice, tell on them… you can even post it here!


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