Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling Event

Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling Event

Electronic Waste Recycling Event Flyer 2018


What is “e-waste”?
Any electronic device or equipment that is near or at the end of its useful life.

What is the problem with “e-waste”?

The increase in consumption of electronics has two significant adverse ecological effects that can contribute to an increase in health-related problems. First, it increases mining and procurement for the materials needed for the production of electronic devices and second, discarded devices produce large quantities of electronic waste added to landfills or burned, releasing toxins into the environment.

“Electronic waste is a global ecological issue. It raises concern about air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, information security, and even human exploitation. Air can be polluted when scavengers burn electronic waste to get the copper. If not disposed of properly, toxins from electronic waste can enter the soil and water supplies. And unlike light bulbs, which were engineered to break, much e-waste contains operational devices, which might contain intact data ready to be exploited after discard. The shortened lifespans of electronic devices, encouraged or designed by manufacturers, have pushed consumers to interpret working electronics as insufficient or unusable.”

Ahmed, Syed. “The Global Cost of Electronic Waste.” The Atlantic SEP 29, 2016

What is AAMC Doing?

AAMC’s continues their commitment to healthcare, the environment, and our Global community by offering ways for staff, volunteers and community members to dispose of unwanted electronic devices.

What should I do with my e-waste?

Reduce – Repair devices rather than replacing them, extend time to upgrade and purchase used when available.

Reuse still functioning electronic equipment by donating or selling it to someone who can still use it

– Donate unwanted hand-held devices, like cell phones and tablets with AAMC Security or Community Health and Wellness offices. Donated devices are sent to EcoCell, an electronic recycler who in exchange provides financial support for the AAMC Domestic Abuse and Violence programs.

Recycle those products that cannot be repaired.   Staff and volunteers can access a bin located in Garage A 24/7.

– Each November, in support of America Recycles Day, AAMC offers a community e-waste recycling event.

The Story of Electronics – Designed for the Dump

Watch a 7-minute film, “The Story of Electronics”, released in November 2011, employs the Story of Stuff style to explore the high-tech revolution’s collateral damage.



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