The Little Powerhouse Across the Street

The Little Powerhouse Across the Street

(Above, blog author Jennifer Wallace is third from the right, pictured with members of the CEPD team.)

I’ve worked at Anne Arundel Medical Center for 13 years and have visited the Clinical Education & Professional Development (CEPD) office multiple times to pick up an NRP book or get my cardio on while recertifying for CPR (for those of you who have had to recertify in that little room with the mannequin that ensures you can perform adequate compressions, you know what I mean.) Like me, many of you probably visit CEPD a couple times a year for various reasons. But what many of us don’t know is just how much this small department, the little powerhouse across the street, supports nursing at AAMC.

I recently completed my Master’s in Nursing Education and did my final practicum with Monica Mewshaw, a Clinical Education Specialist in CEPD, but also had an opportunity to work with others in the department during this time. I have to admit I was surprised to learn about all the programs they manage or support that aid in our professional development. I’ve nicknamed them the “Powerhouse” because they do a lot more than just CPR certification — their work is innovative, creative, and staff-focused with multiple projects being managed simultaneously.

Did you know that staff members in the Clinical Education office help with Grand Rounds, Professional Power Hour, Nurse Residency Program, Skills trainings, Nursing Service Orientation, Nursing Clinical Ladder, the Nursing Mentorship program, preceptor education, Nursing contact hours, Project Advance, certifications, Magnet writing, conferences, Nurses Week, the Nursing website and blog, the High School Exploration Program… and more?

With all this great work going on, the CEPD staff maintain great working relationships and most of them have been at the institution for over 10 years. All the remarkable programs and support they provide shows their dedication to the staff and institution. This office truly cares about staff development and I am so grateful to have been able to complete my practicum here. -Jennifer Wallace, MSN, RN

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