Patient writes Outpatient Rehab built “the best version of me there has ever been”

Patient writes Outpatient Rehab built “the best version of me there has ever been”

This may be one of the most beautiful letters of thanks we have ever received. To Rebecca Gondak, Megan Connelly and Heidi Giard, it is clear your passion for your work changes the lives of your patients. We thank you and are proud to work alongside you as part of the AAMC team.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the care I received from your hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services. The staff consistently displays the full measure of professionalism that a patient would hope for; but beyond that, they all demonstrate a level of caring and commitment that shows undeniably that these professionals are in this field for only the noblest of reasons. None wishes to be the hero that made someone well; but every last person wants, on a seemingly personal level, for those who come for help to be well.

Months ago I was in a serious accident that nearly cost my life. Throughout physical recovery, there was an ever present fear that as a result, I would be forever damaged, never to be anything more than unfulfilled potential. Rebecca Gondak, speech language pathologist, Megan Connelly, physical therapist, and Heidi Giard, occupational therapist, painstakingly resharpened my mind, restrengthened my body, brought me back to capability, and all the while allowing me to be unafraid of my own will.

One group of doctors, nurses, and staff preserved my existence — certainly no small thing; but the people at Outpatient Rehabilitation saved my life. It took the good will, positive attitudes, and exceptional capability of the entire staff to build, from the raw materials they were given, the best version of me there has ever been. The word “gratitude” is insufficient, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve invented a better one.

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