From Hyperbaric to the Hackerman-Patz House, this patient says AAMC treated him “like family”

From Hyperbaric to the Hackerman-Patz House, this patient says AAMC treated him “like family”

When a patient spends this much time inside the walls of our hospital, we want them to feel like family. We are so glad this gentleman did — and took the time to write to us about it. To all involved, what a great affirmation of all you do. Way to go!

During the past six months, I have had numerous surgeries at AAMC and 20 treatments at the Wound Center in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. During my surgeries and oxygen treatments, I stayed at the Hackerman-Patz House.

I was treated very courteously and professionally before each of my surgeries. The staff always introduced themselves before entering my room, explained the procedures and answered questions. They were caring and gave that extra bit of extra attention that distinguishes a great hospital from a good one.

The staff at the hyperbaric chamber (nurses Anita Smith, Dawn Knebel and Kelly Davis, and Drs. Jamieson and Chappell) were wonderful. A hyperbaric chamber treatment is especially difficult for someone like me who suffers from claustrophobia. Again, that extra bit of attention made all the difference. They treated me with understanding and compassion.

All of this was made possible by being able to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House during the surgeries and the month of treatment. We were treated like family. The volunteer staff greeted us each morning and went out of their way to be friendly and comforting. David Michaels worked hard to ensure that everything was in good working order. The house was immaculate. We met other “residents” there, which made our stay much more pleasant. Having a kitchen meant that we did not have to eat every meal out for a month. Beautiful fresh flowers and friendly volunteers greeted us each Monday when we returned from a weekend at home.

Lastly, I need to mention my doctor, Eric Harmelin. Professional, caring and competent are just a few words to describe him. He patiently answers my many questions and is very direct in communicating the problems I face and the treatment options available. He has a passion for his work and it shows in how he treats his patients. My family and I are most grateful to him.

Thank you AAMC for caring – and for caring for me.


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