“From hospitalists and specialists to housekeeping staff,” this patient has only the highest praise for HVU

“From hospitalists and specialists to housekeeping staff,” this patient has only the highest praise for HVU

Enjoy this thoughtful and detailed letter of thanks from a patient, which highlights so many of our awesome HVU staff.

Recently, I suffered a hypertensive crisis while attending a dear friend’s memorial service and was rushed to the emergency department by ambulance. To be honest I do not recall many events preceding the call to 911 except some visual disturbances.  The next thing I remember was waking up in the ambulance.

I was admitted to HVU for observation and regulation of my blood pressure.  First, I must apologize for my initial behavior, I understand that I was quite unruly for a day or two requiring a 24/7 sitter. I was suffering hallucinations and extreme confusion, this complicated by not having by hearing aids I was quite disoriented to say the least.

I want to take an opportunity to compliment you on an excellent patient care team.  From the hospitalists and specialists to housekeeping staff I have nothing but the highest of praises.

I know that is it unfair to point out individuals because you will always leave someone deserving out. However, I feel strongly that I would be remiss in not mentioning a couple of individuals. These observations were also made by my son who is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and provides Critical Care transports in South Carolina. As such, he works closely with patient care teams in numerous hospitals in both day-to-day and disaster situations.

Early on, Joy Ackerman-Boyd, RN, was my nurse. She was exceptional, she took time to make sure I understood everything that was going on, took time to explain all my medications, was extremely passionate about her job and compassionate with me — she worked hard to educate and to ensure that every little need was met. Joy was truly a Joy!

Later, Bretagne Cowling, RN, was my nurse. Again, she was extremely pleasant, took time to make sure I was comfortable, and all my needs were met. She also was very helpful in ensuring that I knew what medications I was taking and why, and always took time to answer my questions. She has a very nice easygoing personality and was truly caring and compassionate.

At night, my nurse was a lady by the name of Samantha Thorne, RN. What a bundle of energy! She was extremely attentive, bubbly, energetic, positive and happy.  Just her aura or being in her presence was uplifting. Although, because she was my night nurse, my contact with her was somewhat limited, I looked forward to her contacts, it was truly a pleasure to have her as one of my nurses.

All of the Patient Care Technicians were wonderful.  Couldn’t have asked for more from an attentive, caring and reliable group of people (despite at times having some of the least desirable tasks to deal with). My hat is off to all of them.

I must point out one individual as an exceptional example. Kara Back, PCT, was my tech for several days. This young lady has a kind, happy, exceptionally friendly yet professional air about her. With every interaction it appeared that she loved her job. She was truly interested in my well-being, ensuring that I was confortable and wanting for nothing.  She was super attentive when I activated my call bell, not only in answering it, but in coming to the bedside for whatever I needed.  Kara is, as we used to say, “a keeper.” She will do very well as a nurse and I hope that you are fortunate enough to keep her on your staff in that capacity.

My son was able to observe many more other interactions near my room than I. Although she was not my nurse, he wanted to make an observation about Megan Clower, RN.  She has the patience of Job and the compassion of Florence Nightingale. She had two very difficult patients to deal with in the room next to mine. Despite the two very difficult personalities, she persevered, never got short, and always demonstrated professionalism and compassion. My son could tell that the strain was getting to her, but she never showed it to the patient, caregivers or family. She is truly a shining star.

Thank you for having such a wonderful, dedicated, caring team who really does have the wellbeing of the patient in mind. A team who comes to work to provide the best patient experience possible.  It is obvious for all of them that providing patient care is not just a job but it is also their passion. I will be forever grateful.

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