Angels on Earth – Happy Nurses Week from a Patient Family Advisor

Angels on Earth – Happy Nurses Week from a Patient Family Advisor

A nurse is one of the first to hold us on the day we are born.  During our lifetime, they are there for us in the most difficult of times.  And in the end, a nurse may be the last person to hold our hands, comforting us as we depart from the familiar. Yes, they are angels on earth!

I have gotten to know two such angels fairly well as an auxiliary volunteer in the Rebecca Fortney Breast Center.  They are both nurse navigators and guide breast cancer patients through their physical and emotional journeys.  My first angel is Kimberly Stewart, who was my nurse navigator in the autumn of 2009.  My second angel is Alyson Figlioli. Both of these nurses are laser-focused on their mission of supporting patients.  They are bright, kind, compassionate, giving, loving women and the Breast Center is lucky to have them among their midst.

When volunteering, I am located in the research office directly next to Kimberly and Alyson’s office.  I occasionally have questions for them related to my tasks and I never feel that I am interrupting them.  They treat me with dignity and respect knowing full well that I am not educated or trained in their area of expertise.  How lucky am I to have gotten to personally know these nurse navigators?!

I am in awe of nurses, partly because I am completely incapable of doing what they do.  In fact, I never aspired to the nursing vocation. So to be rubbing elbows with nurses is a privilege for which I am most grateful.  During this Nurses Week, I personally salute all of you who work so hard to care and comfort all of us in our time of need.

To all the angels on earth, thanks for all you do!

Pat Clesh
Patient and Family Advisor

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