After surgeries, cancer patient writes letter of thanks to physicians, nurses and staff: “This hospital is a gift to us all”

After surgeries, cancer patient writes letter of thanks to physicians, nurses and staff: “This hospital is a gift to us all”

A patient letter praising our awesome surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and staff all over the hospital — this patient started off “racked with anxiety,” but that fear was quickly replaced with confidence and gratitude. Proud of our team, way to go!

I recently was a patient at AAMC. I was actually hospitalized on two occasions in order to receive surgery and treatment for stage 4-lung cancer. Dr. Steven Cattaneo removed my right lung due to the serious nature of my cancer at that point.

Dr. Cattaneo’s skills as a surgeon are the very best that I can imagine. He is not just a gifted physician but has the a way of treating patients like me, racked with anxiety about illness and the prospect of major surgery, in a manner that diminishes fear and instills great confidence in his ability to take the appropriate medical steps that are so vital and necessary to recovery and wellness. He is a wonderful man and I will forever be indebted to him. I am so thankful to be his patient.

Later,  Dr. Robert Hanley performed surgery to remove my right adrenal gland. My lung cancer had migrated there and it was necessary to remove it. He performed the surgery using the Da Vinci robot, a miracle of modern technology and medicine and a wonder, as a patient, to contemplate. While the surgery was less invasive than that performed by Dr. Cattaneo, and while the hospital stay was for a shorter period, I knew the surgery was complicated and that there were many potential risks involved. Dr. Hanley took great time and care to discuss the procedure with me and the personal confidence that was so evident in his voice greatly reduced the fear and anxiety I had about that surgery.

Drs. Cattaneo and Hanley are a blessing to AAMC, to the community it serves and the fortunate people under their care.

Of course they had lots of help. In particular I’d like to mention Dr. Michael Webb and Dr. Linda Cameron, anesthesiologists who assisted my surgeons and who also took lots of time with me to explain what they were going to do for me before, during and after surgery. They have wonderful people skills and their thoughtfulness, kindness and professionalism greatly contributed to the successful outcomes of my surgeries.

There are just too many other outstanding caregivers to mention. Unfortunately, they were in and out of my life so frequently during my stay at the hospital that I never got to know them very well. I do know, however, that I was treated wonderfully and I knew that I was in the best hands possible. The care I received from the nurses in the OR, Recovery and on the 4th and 5th floors of the hospital contributed in a truly significant way and has helped tremendously to speed me along to recovery.

In closing, please let me say for the record that, despite my illness, I feel so extremely fortunate to live in an area where the kind of medical care provided by the doctors, nurses and staff of AAMC is available. The hospital is a gift to us all.

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