A thankful patient writes, GSU nurse Jennifer Castricone shows “a dedication & compassion that is the true core of nursing”

A thankful patient writes, GSU nurse Jennifer Castricone shows “a dedication & compassion that is the true core of nursing”

This patient’s letter of thanks to her nurse, Jennifer Castricone, is guaranteed to make you smile. It helps us to remember that we have something special to offer each and every one of our patients, and the opportunities we have — as nurses — to help our patients through some very difficult times. Way to go Jennifer, you are an inspiration!

I recently had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and I was admitted to the General Surgical Unit. As somewhat typical with a post op patient, I experienced an emotional breakdown about 3 a.m. on the morning of my discharge. I wept in despair regarding my decision — regarding the pain and the magnitude of this life changing surgery. As I cried while lying there in the dark, Jennifer Castricone, RN, entered my room to check on me and give me meds, etc.

She realized I was crying and in that moment, she began to talk gently to me. Jenn provided me not only with reassurance that I was indeed quite normal in my emotions, but she also gave me encouragement. Her compassion in that moment was a God-send and she had a profound effect on me that quiet night.

Jenn spent time talking to me, soothing my anxiety and fears, and she gave me practical suggestions as to how I should approach each day and each milestone.  She promised me she would jot down affirmations to keep visible and suggested I post them on my mirror at home to remind me of the strength and courage to make this decision about my health. Sure enough – within the hour she came back with ten amazing quotes to take home.

Jenn demonstrated a dedication and compassion that is the true core of nursing. She remained professional and yet was so calming as she conversed with me. She was certainly efficient and very capable but moreover, she was so CARING.

I am a native Annapolitan – 5th generation.  I was born in the old hospital location in 1963. I’ve had many tests, appointments, and a few surgeries at AAMC and my son was born there in 1993.  AAMC is an amazing facility committed to our community in service excellence.  Jenn single-handedly represents that commitment and service.  She exemplifies the lamplight logo — she was a light in the darkness that night — a blessing indeed.


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