2018 Nursing Excellence Award and Scholarship Recipients

2018 Nursing Excellence Award and Scholarship Recipients

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements

Inpatient – General Surgical Unit

Outpatient – Cardiac Cath Lab


The Richard & Janet Davidson Nursing Award Extraordinary Advances in Patient and Family – Centered Care  

Surgical Services


Nursing Colleague Award

Inpatient Pharmacy


Outpatient and Pathways Technician/Technologist

Tracy Thompson – OPIV


Hospital Pavilion Technician/Technologist

Donna Demski – ACE


Clatanoff Technician/Technologist  

Nicole Burton – NICU


Surgical Services Technicians/Technologist

Danielle McGurk – Short Stay


Structural Empowerment – Preceptor Role  

Lindsay Stein – ED


Structural Empowerment – Mentor Role

Junelyn Julian – Mother/Baby


Structural Empowerment – Educator Role  

Tara Stoudt – NICU


Transformational Leadership – Director

Justin Bowser – MSU


Transformational Leadership – Relief Charge Nurse Role

Carrie Jackson – L&D


Transformational Leadership – Clinical Supervisor

Crystal Asche – WSU


Transformational Leadership – Team Leader

Courtney Lamb – HP OR


Advanced Practice RN

Monique Willingham – Radiation Oncology


Exemplary Professional Practice

ACE – Georgia Brinkley

Procedural Care Unit – Amanda Wagner

Pathways – Marsha Kirchhoff

Pediatrics – Kim Michie

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Sarah Dilling

Medical Surgical – Kathleen Martin

Emergency Department – Karen MacPherson

Outpatient Radiation Oncology – Kay Lavorini

Vascular Access Department – Melita Forrester

Wound Center – Inpatient – Joyce Onken

Wound Center – Outpatient – Dawn Knebel, Denise Candell

Heart & Vascular – Karen Dove

Neuro Care – Antoinette Wallace

Joint & Spine – Jeannette Walton

General Surgical – Rachel Markow

Short Stay – Patricia Perry

Post Anesthesia Care Unit- Katherine Sheppard

Prep/PAT- Karen Ochinero

Mother/Baby – Carly Fridell

ICU/IMU – Jennifer Peterson

Observation – Jeremiah Cave

Flex – Suzy Stuecker

Outpatient Infusion – Andrea Sellars

Labor & Delivery – Kristen Becker

Neonatal Intensive Care – Kirsten Groff

Edwards Surgical Preop/PACU – Debbie Barta

Edwards Surgical Operating Room – Laura Norton

Care Management – Mary Nemarich

Oncology- Jillian Brown

Cardiac Cath Lab- Tracy Turner

CP Flex – Laurie Milone

Endoscopy – Connie Kowalski

4 Medical – Christina Smiroldo

Pain Clinic – Renee Lester

Lactation – Pam Wallace


Rookie of the Year:  

Medical Surgical – Zsuzsanna Pearson

Heart & Vascular- Sara Knitt

Neuro Care – Sarah Fowler

General Surgical – Kirsten Fortune

Joint & Spine – Ashley Ayu

Oncology – Corinne Gettings

Women’s Surgical – Jessica Tyrrell

Pediatrics – Amanda King

Emergency Department – Mustafa Alrubaiee

ACE – Jennifer Frantum

4 Medical – Bethany McMurtrey

L&D – Meredith Bass

Observation – Christine Jean

ESP Pre-op/PACU – Judith Bradshaw



Izzo & Patane Nursing Scholarship – Kaaren Simmons

Heritage Harbour Women’s Club – Barbara Nelson

Grow A Nurse Scholarship – Kelly Wojtowicz

George & Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship – Michelle Morris

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Christine Grzeskiewicz

Gordon & Jean Wells Nursing Scholarship – Nathan Benefiel

Sheehy Nursing Scholarship – Jean Andres

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Elissa Kristy Page

AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship – Zsuzsanna Pearson

Shelly Alion and Robert Welch Nursing Scholarship – Dawnmarie Lombardo

John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship – Fiona Burke

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Courtney Sitar

Heritage Harbour Women’s Club – Robyn Lanasa

AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship – Claudette Clunie

Shirley A. Wheeler Nursing Scholarship – Carolina Peter

Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund – Laura Jones

Balfe Clifford Nursing Scholarship – Lisa Shoemaker

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Tyler Bruce

Bob O’Bryhim Scholarship – Daniel Watkins

Blanche Taylor Scholarship – Susan Johnston

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence – Shavinder Matharu

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