Mother/Baby nurse, Amy Holston, receives Daisy Award

Mother/Baby nurse, Amy Holston, receives Daisy Award


(from left) Peggy Holston (Amy’s mom), DAISY nurse Amy Holston, nominator Nicole Janes, and COO/CNO Sherry Perkins.

Congratulations to Amy Holston, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. As per AAMC tradition, Amy was surprised by a crowd of Mother/Baby colleagues, family and friends who secretly assembled on the evening of May 5 in a daisy-decorated conference room.

Sherry B. Perkins, AAMC’s Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, extended her congratulations and presented Amy with a DAISY plaque. She also received a DAISY pin from physician colleague Lori Sweitzer and a DAISY figurine from her nominator and nursing colleague, Nicole Janes. See more photos here.

Here is an excerpt from Amy’s nomination letter, written by Nicole:

On March 26, 2009, our very best friends, Daryl and Ashley Knight, welcomed into the world their twins, and our godchildren, Trace and Maddie Knight. It was a beautiful twin delivery with no complications and we were all over-the-moon exited.

On their day of birth, hours after leaving labor and delivery, Trace was still not interested in eating. He had an irregular heartbeat, and was just not doing what his nurse Amy Holston was happy with. She contacted the NICU practitioner on call and completed four extremity pulse ox testing on Trace. Amy’s attention to the subtle signs Trace was exhibiting and her investigation into what might be causing them is what started the intervention that would save his little life.

Trace’s testing showed significant differences in the readings of his pulse oximetry readings. He was brought to the NICU at AAMC where further testing revealed a significant undiagnosed Congenital Heart Defect called Shone’s Complex. Trace was transferred to a higher level NICU where they specialized in CHD and CHD treatment.

Amy’s keen sense and high skill level while Trace was just beginning his tiny life at AAMC are what bought us the 3½ years we may have never had with him. On June 18, 2012, our superhero passed away in his mother’s arms after complications from successful mitral valve placement the week before.

This year at our 3rd Annual Heart to Heart dinner, we honored Amy Holston. When I invited her to this year’s dinner as our guest of honor she was shocked. In true humble nurse fashion, she told me she was just doing her job. But, by just doing her job, she saved Trace’s life and gave us precious memories and time we may have never had without her assessment and intervention.


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