No More Team Drama

No More Team Drama

Working closely with healthcare professionals can be challenging and stressful. However, knowing that everyone plays an important role in the care of our patients here at AAMC, we must find solutions to reduce or eliminate team drama.

Joe Mull, M.Ed is a healthcare leadership speaker that travels across the nation to motivate teams and create an engaging workplace. Mr. Mull recently spoke to a room full of different AAMC employees on the 4 C’s to prevent team drama and inspire everyone to work collaboratively to provide effective patient care. Here is a chart that Mr. Mull presented on the 4 C’s of No More Team Drama: 

Joe went on to discuss ways that we as individuals can work on treating others with respect and courtesy. Through different real-life scenarios, Mr. Mull brought a room of almost 200 AAMC staff to understand what it is like to be the ‘victim’, ‘prosecutor’, and ‘rescuer’ of team drama through Karpman’s Drama Triangle. 

At the end of his two-hour key note, Mr. Mull provided the participates with a ‘toolkit’ on helpful ways to reduce team drama and how to navigate through difficult situations. Joe Mull’s toolkit includes:

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