A Patient and Family Advisor’s Appreciation of AAMC’s Bioethics Forums

A Patient and Family Advisor’s Appreciation of AAMC’s Bioethics Forums

This year patient and family advisors have been invited to attend the monthly bioethics forums.  These one-hour sessions are fascinating and provide perspectives to which I have not been exposed.  I understand things from a patient perspective but have gained insight and clarity into the issues with which medical professionals deal.

According to Dictionary.com, bioethics is “a field of study concerned with the ethics and philosophical implications of certain biological and medical procedures, technologies, and treatments, as organ transplants, genetic engineering, and care of the terminally ill.”  If you have 11 minutes to spare, please see Dr. Maggie Little’s Introduction to Bioethics: Bioethics at the Bedside. It is an expanded and articulate explanation of this field.

After attending just a few of the monthly forums, I am impressed with the extent of effort displayed by the medical professionals at AAMC in the care of patients and their families.  In May, the total number of requests for the fiscal year was 550 with another full month of requests to follow.  At the forum, it was announced that another bioethicist will join AAMC in July and it sounds as if it is just in time!

I do hope that you will take the time to attend these wonderful forums, generally held the fourth Thursday of each month at noon in Belcher on the 7th floor.  In the meantime, you might want to check out these books written by Dr. Moller:

  • Dancing with Broken Bones: Poverty, Race, and Spirit-filled Dying in the Inner City (2012)
  • Dying at the Margins: Reflections on Justice and Healing for Inner-City Poor (2018)

As always, thanks for all you do!

Pat Clesh

Patient and Family Advisor

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